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Taylor Swift VS Elon Musk! Fans FUME As Twitter Boss Says She Looks Like 'Napoleon Dynamite In Drag'!

Taylor Swift VS Elon Musk! Fans FUME As Twitter Boss Says She Looks Like 'Napoleon Dynamite In Drag'!

The controversial CEO of Twitter is back — and he’s found another outlandish hill to die on!

Elon Musk has once again taken to the app he’s been accused of absolutely destroying with another awful take! But this time, rather than disabled employees, child rescue teams, or the last words of people’s loved ones, he’s set his sights on Taylor Swift.

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The 51-year-old tweeted a picture of the pop superstar alongside a screen grab of Jon Heder in the hit 2004 comedy Napoleon Dynamite that read “When you realize Taylor Swift is actually Napoleon Dynamite in drag.” WTF?!? But everyone’s jaws were on the floor when they read his added caption that said:

“[I] am a [Taylor Swift] fan – of course – but how do we know for sure they’re different people?”

He’s since deleted the post… but seriously, Elon? At his age, he’s posting the kind of crap you’d expect out of a poorly parented 12-year-old Fortnite player? You’d think he’d be old enough to know that making fun of appearances is the lowest blow — but considering he’s not even old enough to know not to role-play pervertedly as his young son on an alt account, we can’t say it’s surprising at this point.

But one thing about Tay Tay, if you’re gonna come for her, you’re gonna feel the wrath of her Swifties! And boy did they ever deliver. Fans of the Anti-Hero singer were quick to call out Elon for his embarrassing tweet and defend their queen bee, with some user responses even coming right back for him:

“He is so obsessed with her”

“Oh no look another person coming for Taylor when she’s literally just existing…leave her alone for gods sakes!”

“This is a reach if I’ve ever seen one”

“Leave her alone challenge”

“Taylor is performing sold out shows and thriving in more ways than you ever could and you are on a app that you can barely work tweeting this….girl”

One fan even pointed out the photo he posted of the 33-year-old was edited:

“Commenting on Taylor ‘s physical appearance of all people is crazy … The fact he felt the need to edit her picture lol”

That’s even creepier! Why would he feel the need to go out of his way to prove such a random point — for a “joke” that’s not even funny!

Plus, check out this excellent comparison one Swiftie made in reply to Pop Crave (below):


We don’t approve of going after appearances, even of jerks — but you have to admit, he really opened the door for this one. If you’re gonna come for Taylor, make sure you look at who YOU ARE first!

[Image via Paramount Pictures/YouTube/MEGA/WENN]

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