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Emily Blunt's Oscars Look Got Dragged Online -- And Her Stylist Is NOT Handling It Well!

Emily Blunt Oscars Dress Reactions Stylist Fighting

The Fashion Police may have been defunded, but there are still plenty of folks looking to make citizen’s arrests when they see a violation. And apparently such was the case with Emily Blunt at the Oscars.

The Oppenheimer star took to the red carpet in a champagne Schiaparelli gown that scored her a spot on Vanity Fair‘s Best Dressed list — but had folks online scratching their heads! The issues were twofold. First there was the underwear outline embellishment. And critics didn’t care for the “floating shoulders” look. As you can see, Emily’s straps are not holding the dress at all but rather self-supported and hovering a couple inches or so above her skin. That detail didn’t sit well with a lot of viewers — who thought it just made it look like the rigid dress didn’t fit correctly!

Emily Blunt onstage at Oscars with Ryan Gosling
Emily Blunt onstage at the Oscars with Ryan Gosling. / (c) MEGA/WENN

Hey, what are you gonna do, right? Everyone’s a critic. Even Oppenheimer has gotten its share of criticism online — and that made a ton at the box office and won Best Picture.

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The problem is, Emily’s stylist Jessica Paster isn’t handling it very well at all. The fashionista, who has worked with the Edge of Tomorrow star for 18 years, previously told Vanity Fair she expected the gown’s bold choices to be points of discussion — not just the floating shoulders but the embellishment she calls “the little underwear” on the lap area.

Emily Blunt Oscar dress little underwear embellishment
It does look a little like a drawing of a Y-front, doesn’t it? / (c) MEGA/WENN

Paster told the mag:

“Did I know that people were going to talk about the shoulder? Absolutely. Do I care what anybody else has to say? Absolutely not.”

But that turns out not to be true! She apparently cares quite a bit!

Screengrabs from Instagram page CheckTheFit show the stylist — whose account handle is @highheelprincess — was actually responding to quite a lot of randos online! For instance someone wrote:

“That underwear outline just ruins the whole dress”

And Paster hit back bitterly:

“because u absolutely have no sophisticated taste … #burneraccount”

Oof. Another commenter said:

“WHY???????? Seriously why She is so beautiful but the details that outline underwear are not flattering”

And Paster responded sarcastically:

“I begged her to wear a real underwear over her dress… shucks!!!”

One person’s opinion was that it just didn’t work on Emily:

“I think this is just too cool of a dress for her. And the glam didn’t help :/”

The stylist attacked this one personally, saying:

“I didn’t see u on the carpet????”

YEESH! You can see more HERE.

After a while a lot of the comments were instead talking about how “thin-skinned” the stylist apparently was. So we guess she did stop the criticism… of the dress. What do YOU think of her responses??

(BTW, Emily’s VF after party dress absolutely SLAYED fwiw!)

Emily Blunt at the Vanity Fair Oscars After Party

[Image via MEGA/WENN.]

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