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Social Media Beauty Influencer Ethan Is Supreme Dead At 17 After Apparent Overdose

Social media beauty influencer Ethan Is Supreme is dead after an apparent overdose

The beauty community is in mourning after Ethan Peters, known online as Ethan Is Supreme, passed away over the long weekend. He was just 17 years old at the time of his death.

It’s not immediately clear what caused his untimely death; E! News has reached out to the beauty influencer’s rep for more information. In the meantime, social media influencers and fellow beauty gurus from YouTube and elsewhere have been posting their condolences online about his tragic passing.

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Ava Louise, who was Ethan’s best friend, wrote on Twitter that the makeup artist was allegedly struggling with addiction recently. It’s not clear exactly how that “drug-induced mania,” as she referenced it, may have manifested itself — or whether it led to Ethan’s death — but Ava Louise shared more about her regrets in not stepping in further in a series of messages posted on Saturday about the entire ordeal (below):

So sad…

More from Ava Louise, too (below) where she claims “2 percs killed my best friend,” an apparent reference to overdosing on the prescription percocet, a painkiller:

Beauty influencer Ethan Is Supreme dead at 17
Ava Louise opens up more about Ethan Is Supreme’s death. / (c) Ava Louise/Twitter

So sad. Such a young age… ugh…

Others in the beauty space opened up about Ethan’s passing, as well, including some big names like Manny MUA, who expressed condolences on Twitter over losing “such an incredibly talented” person “at such a young age.”

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You can see that, and some other public condolences from fellow beauty influencers across social media, here:

So touching…

It’s so tragic to see a 17-year-old pass away — especially from a reported overdose, as has been claimed as the cause of death here. It’s doubly tragic in a situation like Peters’, as he was truly an up-and-coming star in the beauty community online, settling into his career and quickly gaining traction with fans and followers.

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He had more than half a million followers at the time of his death this weekend, and his tutorials, makeup videos, and fashion shoots were quickly spreading before the tragedy. Back in March, Peters had gotten candid on his own IG account about the stress and anxiety he felt in creating content and remaining fresh and on the cutting edge for his fans in a remarkably heartfelt, open message to followers:


Now, our hearts are with his family, friends, and loved ones as they mourn his sudden, unexpected passing. Such a sad, tragic situation all around.

Rest In Peace.

[Image via Ethan Is Supreme/Instagram]

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