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Everybody Hates Heather


“Heather is a calculating, pathological liar and the biggest bitch on the planet.”

That’s the statement Heather Mills is suing her former publicist, Michele Elyzabeth, over – to the tune of $460,000.

Paul McCartney‘s once wife and eternal thorn-in-his-side is also claiming breach of confidence and falsehood following a revealing interview between Elyzabeth and Britain’s News of the World.

Elyzabeth worked for Mills for four years until, as Mills claims, she gave her publicist the pink slip after losing faith in Elyzabeth’s judgment. To which Elizabeth says AWW HELLZ NAW – she quit because Mills was an impossible bitch.

Just a teensy bit of a discepancy there.

It must be nice living in Heather Mills’ fantasy world.

Can’t wait to see how this suit plays out!

[Image via WENN.]

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Sep 22, 2008 16:00pm PDT