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Families Of OceanGate Titan Submersible Victims Speak Out Following Implosion: ‘We Are United In Grief’

Families Of The 5 OceanGate Titan Submersible Passengers Speak Out Following Implosion: ‘We Are United In Grief’

Less than a full day after the Titan submersible was confirmed to have imploded, the families of the passengers are “united in grief.”

Since Sunday, the thing on everybody’s minds has been the fate of the OceanGate subversive, which dove down to explore the Titanic’s wreckage. As you know, the vessel lost contact with the surface world just an hour and forty-five minutes into the expedition, leaving the five passengers, including Hamish Harding, Shahzada Dawood and his teenage son Suleman, Paul-Henri Nargeolet, and OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush, completely isolated thousands of feet below the ocean’s surface.

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After days of searching, the US Coast Guard and Rear Admiral John Mauger announced in a press conference Thursday that the tourist sub suffered a “catastrophic implosion,” as a debris field had been found near the Titanic wreckage on the ocean floor. Sadly, that means all five passengers lost their lives.

Now, their grieving families are speaking out.

Following the tragic news, the loved ones of Hamish remembered the British billionaire as a “loving husband” and “dedicated father.” They shared in a statement to People:

“Today, we are united in grief with the other families who have also lost their loved ones on the Titan submersible. Hamish Harding was a loving husband to his wife and a dedicated father to his two sons, whom he loved deeply. To his team in Action Aviation, he was a guide, an inspiration, a support, and a Living Legend.”

They continued:

“He was one of a kind and we adored him. He was a passionate explorer — whatever the terrain — who lived his life for his family, his business and for the next adventure. What he achieved in his lifetime was truly remarkable and if we can take any small consolation from this tragedy, it’s that we lost him doing what he loved. He will leave a gap in our lives that can never be filled. We know that Hamish would have been immensely proud to see how nations, experts, industry colleagues and friends came together for the search and we extend our heartfelt thanks for all their efforts. On behalf of the Harding family and Action Aviation, we would like to politely request privacy at this incredibly difficult time.”

What a beautiful tribute. We wonder what his stepson Brian Szasz is thinking right now.

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The family of Pakistani-British businessman Shahzada and his 19-year-old son Suleman also opened up about the devastating situation, telling BBC:

“Our thoughts are with the victims of this tragedy, one which has been followed around the world. As with any tragedy of this magnitude, it brings out the best and worst in people. Some go out of their way to contribute and support, others use these moments for personal gains. How one behaves in such circumstances reveals more about their own character than anything else. The family remains overwhelmed with the love and support that it has received and is grateful to those who showcased the best in humanity.”

So sad. Especially after hearing how “terrified” Suleman apparently was to embark on the mission. French diver and Titanic expert Paul-Henri’s family also spoke out, sharing with BBC:

“When you think of the Titanic and all we know about the ship today, you will think of Paul-Henri Nargeolet and his legendary work. But what we will remember him most for is his big heart, his incredible sense of humor and how much he loved his family. We will miss him today and every day for the rest of our lives.”

What a truly horrific situation. Our hearts are with all of the family members and loved ones of the late passengers during this incredibly difficult time. May all the lost ones’ souls rest in peace.

[Images via OceanGate/YouTube]

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