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Bachelorette Adds Plus-Size Contestant! How Are Fans Reacting?!

Bachelorette Finally Adds Plus-Size Contestant! How Are Fans Reacting?!

Watching The Bachelorette and The Bachelor each season over the years, we have seen very few plus-size suitors step out of the limousine on night one. The contestants are almost always conventionally attractive — thin and fit.

In fact, only two plus-size contestants have starred on the reality dating show out of 48 seasons so far — Bo Stanley, who appeared on Chris Soules‘ season in 2015, and Bryan Witzmann, who went on Michelle Young‘s season in 2021. Now, they finally have added a third plus-size suitor! And Bachelor Nation is obsessed with him already! Even before the season has aired!

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In case you don’t know, Jenn Tran, who competed on  Joey Graziadei‘s season of The Bachelor, is the new Bachelorette. She’s also the first Asian-American Bachelorette. To get viewers excited, before her season airs next month, all of the men who will be competing for her heart were revealed on Monday. One guy named Brett caught the attention of many fans! He’s  28 years old, is from Manheim, Pennsylvania, and works as a health and safety manager. Check him out in slide 4 (below):

Yes, Brett!

After seeing Brett, many fans praised The Bachelorette for finally adding another plus-size contestant. He’s already become a fan-favorite! See some of the comments (below):

“Sooo we’re all collectively rooting for Brett, right?”

“Brett is already my favorite”

“If Brett doesn’t go far, I NEED HIM to have a Grocery Store Joe saga. He is who the people want!”

“Damn Brett”

“I love Brett already”

“i’m brett’s biggest fan”

“More guys like Brett!”

“Tuning in for Brett.”

“I’ll wasn’t gonna watch this season. But hello Brett!!!”

“Brett better be an amazing guy because he is adorable.”

“YES BACHELOR GET SOME BODY POSITIVITY GOING Look at these different shapes and sizes! Keep it up!

“It’s about time y’all put some plus size men in, now we need plus size women as well”

Say that louder for the producers to hear! We definitely need plus-size women in future seasons STAT! A ton of folks also demanded Brett to be The Bachelor, too! See (below):


“BRETT OF NEXT BACHLOR it’s time for a changw”

“I love Brett already, make him the bachelor”

“Brett for bachelor!”

Slow your roll, everyone! The season hasn’t even aired yet! LOLz! We have no idea if Jenn and Brett are together by the end! Or if he turns out to be the villain of the season! (Hopefully not, though!) We’ll have to wait to watch what goes down! But if Brett makes a good impression and isn’t engaged to Jenn by the final rose, ABC, the people already have spoken! They want him as the next Bachelor!

But on a serious note, we hope to see more plus-size contestants in the future seasons now! Because it’s about damn time we get some plus-size inclusion on this show! Do you plan to watch this season of The Bachelorette? Are you rooting for Brett? Let us know in the comments below!

[Image via Bachelor Nation on ABC/YouTube]

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