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Hold Up! Is Taylor Swift’s Song Sweet Nothing Actually About ANOTHER Celeb Couple -- Not Ex Joe Alwyn?!

Is Taylor Swift’s Song Sweet Nothing Actually About By Another Celebrity Couple -- And Not Her Romance With Ex Joe Alwyn?!

Taylor Swift appears to have dropped an easter egg about one of her songs for the Swifties. And no, this one isn’t about You’re Losing Me! You can look to her longtime collaborator and friend, Jack Antonoff, for that one. LOLz!

We are talking about her track Sweet Nothing, which her ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn helped write under the famous pseudonym William Bowery. When her album Midnights dropped last year, many believed the ballad was about their romance as it is the only song co-written by the 32-year-old actor on the project. The lyrics also seem to heavily allude to their love life too! The first few lines even reference a beach in Wicklow, Ireland, where Joe filmed the series Conversations with Friends:

“I spy with my little tired eye / Tiny as a firefly / A pebble that we picked up last July / Down deep inside your pocket / We almost forgot it / Does it ever miss Wicklow sometimes?”

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You can see why fans fully believed this was a love song about her relationship with Joe! But is it really? Or did she actually pull inspiration from another famous couple? Swifties are starting to think it’s the latter, all thanks to a not-so-subtle hint from Taylor herself!

Eagles-eyed social media users noticed that the 33-year-old singer recently liked a tweet from October 2022. The post featured a picture of Paul McCartney and his ex-wife Linda McCartney, along with a quote about their relationship that read:

“​​i would come back from a run with a poem to share and having listened linda would say ‘what a mind’ though the lines may not have been supreme, she wasn’t merely being kind. she meant what she said. it’s going to make a man feel good, that kind of a thing.”

So where does Sweet Nothing fit into this? The track features lyrics similar to the quote from Paul! She sings in one verse:

“On the way home / I wrote a poem / You say, ‘What a mind’ / This happens all the time.”

Whoa! See (below):

So with these new details in mind, fans are naturally now thinking this track could have been really about Paul and Linda’s love story all along! See some of the reactions (below):

“Taylor Swift really wrote Sweet Nothing about Paul McCartney and Linda… I’m sobbing HARD. My two worlds colliding.”

“Oh she’s trying to make it know sweet nothing is NOT about Joe lmao”

“so sweet nothing was written for paul and linda”


“Sweet Nothing about Paul & Linda theory CONFIRMED.”

Of course, the song still could be about her romance with Joe and just included a Paul and Linda reference in the lyrics. But Taylor is a mastermind and likes to drop hints to fans. Given all the talk about Joe lately, it wouldn’t be surprising if she wanted to set the record straight about her music in her own special way.

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