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Father & Son Go Viral For Argument Over Teen's Skimpy Swimsuit -- Wait To Decide Until You See THIS PIC!

Father & Son Go Viral For Argument Over Swimsuit -- Wait To Decide Until You See THIS PIC!

Self confidence is GREAT, but when it borders exhibitionism, boundaries need to be set… even with your own family!

A flustered father has gone viral after taking to Reddit with a story about a recent Caribbean cruise he went on with his wife and 18-year-old son Jax, whose swimsuit the concerned father did NOT approve of. But the dad says he’s not a prude, and that the swimsuit really was THAT revealing!

Posting in the famous “Am I the A-Hole?” forum, the anonymous father wrote:

“My wife and I and our son Jax (18M) went on a week-long Caribbean cruise right after his school ended. Jax is a great kid he seems to have a confidence issue. As in TOO MUCH confidence lol. I’ve never seen anything like it, He’s the most self assured guy in the world. It’s not unfounded, he’s great looking and athletic and definitely a ‘Mr Personality’ type, but still a bit goes a long way.”

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He continued:

“He’s also something of an exhibitionist I think, which brings us to the problem. Usually he’s so charming it seems harmless and he gets away with it but in this case not so. We arrive on the ship and set sail and Jax gets ready to head to one of the pools for the first time. Let’s just say his swimsuit was NOT appropriate. At all. Definitely a ‘flaunt it’ type of suit.”

Uh oh… The father recalled telling him to change into something more modest, but that the teen said he brought “NOTHING” else! But he wasn’t about to let his son wear his planned swim gear, so he made him go find another as there were families of all ages on board:

“I told him he had to go to one of the on-board stores and buy something else. He protested. I won. He went to a store and came back and got ready to go again but he had bought another speedo-style suit that was a lot better than what he had before but still not appropriate. And of course he couldn’t return a swimsuit. I told him to go back, buy a PROPER suit like trunks or boardie shorts or whatever, which he reluctantly did. He whined about it, begged to wear his original, but I said no. As I said I have to admire his confidence as he would have no issue being at the pool like that and will chat up girls all day long (he is a shameless flirt) but there’s a time and place. He was mad at me and said I made him waste $100+ on two new suits he didn’t need. He didn’t exactly call me an a**hole but he wasn’t happy. I didn’t want to ruin his vacation but I wanted him to be decent.”

After posing the question, “So AITA and should I have just let him wear what he wanted?” the father included a link to the exact swimsuit his son brought aboard. It was an AussieBum brand speedo “designed to get attention,” according to the website. It’s described as having “maximum sheerness when wet,” “high leg cuts for a daring look” and an “enhancing pouch to lift and keep everything front and center for an eye-catching profile.” Jeez!! You can see it for yourself HERE.

In response to the story, fans were pretty evenly split. Some sided with the father, some with the son, and some suggested a compromise should’ve been made:

“If he was wearing that ‘sheer when wet’ business, you saved him being charged with indecent exposure and your whole family possibly being put off the ship at the next port of call”

“He’s an adult. If women can wear bikinis why can’t men wear speedos?”

“But the speedos he bought from the ship’s store were appropriate, and you should have accepted them. Then you’d be teaching him the line between cheeky but legal/acceptable and things that will get you arrested”

In an update to the OG post, the father denied being jealous or a prude, explaining he’s a “super proud dad” who gives his son a pass for a lot of risqué behavior. And he even buys him condoms!! But the speedo was just “VERY inappropriate.” He added:

“If they had been black I MIGHT have let it slide, but not with the baby blue. They are LITERALLY marketed as ‘hey look at my big d**k … Even more so, they went well beyond that, there was zero mystery as to what’s what in them, detail-wise. As one responder said, YES you could even determine one’s circumcision status. Clearly. And they weren’t even wet yet. If not wanting my kid to wear those in public makes me a prude, so be it.”


So, the question is for you, Perezcious readers: who was right in this situation? Let us know in the comments down below!

[Image via Sony Pictures Releasing/YouTube]

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