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How Female Cop's Husband Reacted To Messy-As-Hell Sex Scandal That Got Her & 4 Male Colleagues Fired

female cop's husband reaction to messy sex scandal that got 4 police fired

You might want to sit down for this one!

Per reports, a female police officer named Maegan Hall (pictured above) with Tennessee’s La Vergne Police Department is in hot water for having sex with four of her colleagues! She and the 4 male coworkers she got down and dirty with were fired in December after an internal report led to a messy reveal. Guess these cops were using their handcuffs for more than just arrests…

The craziest detail, though? The woman in blue reportedly said she and hubby Jedidiah Hall were in an open marriage — but he doesn’t agree!

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According to the internal investigation, Juan Lugo-Perez, Lewis Powell, Seneca Shields, and Henry Ty McGowan all admitted to having sex with her. Shields also claimed he had oral sex with Hall in the department’s gym — while they were on duty!

And that’s not all…

Apparently Maegan isn’t new to this kind of behavior because during the investigation it was revealed she had allegedly “exposed her breasts” at a “family” Memorial Day party.

Officer Eric Staats held a not-so family friendly Memorial Day gathering on his boat when it’s claimed Hall kissed Patrick Magliocco‘s, one of the suspended officers, wife. Magliocco noted how the woman’s husband wasn’t “on board” with the smooch, but before long she’d taken her top off and the boat owner had to help her put it back on. It didn’t stop him from getting with her, though:

“Hall’s top came off and Staats, who owned the boat, helped put it back on because ‘he was trying to protect her.’ Hall then pulled Magliocco into the restroom and asked if he ‘wanted to f**k’ and then later gave him oral sex when they got off the boat.”

Yikes! So, so messy. Magliocco maintains he and his wife were in an “open relationship” with Jedidiah and his wife, despite the husband’s shock. Since then, Maegan has admitted to her relations with the other officer but denies ever being with his wife. Sounds like no one can keep their stories straight…

According to the report, the female officer even bragged to Magliocco about “Officer Powell’s d**k” on one occasion after she had ALSO engaged in oral sex with him on duty. Damn! Can’t it wait until you’re off the clock?!

As Jedidiah became increasingly upset, his wife continued to engage with other people. She admitted to sending and receiving explicit photos to other officers, inviting officer Larry Holladay to hotel rooms to engage in sexual acts, as well as at one point discussing a threesome with Sergeant McGowan’s wife before she was even hired on as a police officer. Apparently Jedidiah’s trouble with his wife started there, because, as reported, she had also taken her clothes off at McGowan’s home with his wife way back before she landed the job.

Magliocco was the first one to report her behavior after she expressed “harmful thoughts” and on multiple occasions said she should not be left alone. He noted how she got extremely drunk at one of his parties in early December and drove home drunk. Yeah, a police officer driving drunk!

Maegan admitted to all her sexual relations with her colleagues without issue, leading herself as well as officers Magliocco, Holladay, Shields, and Powell to be terminated from their positions.

Wow. For a red state, Tennessee is loose AF! Reactions, Perezcious readers?

[Image via Facebook/LaVergne Police Department/YouTube/WKRN News 2]

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