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Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin, Ohio and Tennessee TV Stations Refuse To Air Osbournes: Reloaded! AND MORE Ban It Too!

This is ridiculous! The show hasn’t even premiered yet!
The head honchos at the Panama City Fox affiliate in Florida, WPGX, will NOT be airing the new Osbournes: Reloaded variety show.
Since when is Panama City, home to some very un-family friendly Spring Break debauchery, wholesome?????
The show was set to premiere tonight at 8:20pm CDT, with the odd timing intended to keep the viewers of American Idol watching the show instead.
But, according to the head of the station, after watching just a six-minute preview of the show, he found the episode to contain profanity and adult content and determined it was unsuitable for the time slot.
David Cavileer, WPGX General Manager, says he would have rather aired the show later in the evening.
So what’s going to take the earlier time slot? That will be a wholesome and clean episode of The Simpsons.
A rep for Fox confirmed that any affiliate can pre-empt a program if it doesn’t feel it’s appropriate for their market.
That’s effed up!
Update: A Perezcious reader tells us that at least one station in Georgia is also refusing to air the show!
Update #2: Another Perezcious reader tells us that the local Fox affiliate in Milwaukee, WI, will also not be airing the show.
Update #3: Holy cow! Yet another Perezcious reader tells us that Bill Lanesy, station manager of Cincinnati’s “Fox 19” channel this morning was interviewed on a local radio show for Q102 saying that it was not appropriate to air right after the family-oriented “American Idol”.
Update #4: Knoxville TN’s Fox affiliate, WTNZ, is also refusing to show it as well. Simpsons re-runs instead!
Update #5: Fox 4 in Kansas City, MO is also not airing the Osbournes:Reloaded show!! They announced this morning that they will not be airing it on the 8:30 pm time spot but will instead be showing it at 1 am!!
Update #6: In Utah, Fox 13 pushed back Osbournes: Reloaded to air at 12:05 AM instead of playing right after American Idol. “They explained it on the news saying that the show isn’t good to play after the ‘family friendly’ American Idol, a Perezcious reader tells us.

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Mar 31, 2009 18:30pm PDT