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Florida Sheriff 'Accidentally' Posts Photo Of Murdered Teen's Body On His Instagram!

Florida Sheriff 'Accidentally' Shares Photo Of Murdered Teen's Body

A Florida sheriff is issuing an apology to those following the recent murder case of a 13-year-old girl — after he reportedly “accidentally” shared a photo of her decaying body.

In case you haven’t seen the story, teen Madeline “Maddie” Soto was reported missing last Monday — and after a week of searching Orange County law enforcement found her body on Friday. Her mother’s boyfriend is currently the prime suspect in her murder. Evidence includes a video appearing to show Stephan Sterns dumping things in a dumpster after the girl’s disappearance, as well as a video which appears to be the 37-year-old driving around — allegedly with the teen’s body in his car.

This heartbreaking case is still under investigation, but apparently it’s not as “under wraps” as it’s supposed to be.

Several branches are in on the investigation, including the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office. But the Sheriff himself has since come under fire for “accidentally” sharing a supposed crime scene photo featuring the young girl’s body — while he was trying to make a post about local senior citizens!!

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Sheriff Marcos Lopez left everyone in shock when he uploaded a photo dump to his personal Instagram page on Monday, and amongst the photos of the elderly lay the teen’s body. WTF!! How does someone even do that? Did he not even check the pics??

He removed the post, although it’s not certain how long it took him to delete it. Of course, the damage was done. The department quickly made a public statement where they called the upload an “accident”:

“We deeply apologize for any confusion or disturbance this may have caused. As with any investigation, the information obtained is confidential and any mistaken disclosures will be immediately rectified.”

Of course they made a point of calling it a “mistake.” If it’s proven he shared this photo on purpose, he could face up to five years in prison, per Florida law.

That’s not the only eyebrow-raising moment in this poor kid’s case, though. This post was made the SAME DAY Nirva Rodriguez, a media worker for the sheriff’s department, posted a selfie with the main suspect and wrote in the caption:

“If God’s love has been poured out over your life, don’t allow evil to keep you away from what He has prepared for you.”

Sorry… what?? It was also quickly deleted, but law enforcement told local outlets they’re not allowed to speak on that one… Odd.

Our hearts go out to Madeline’s family and loved ones. All the mix-ups and “accidents” in this case are truly scary. We hope she gets the justice she deserves. R.I.P.

[Image via FOX 45/Orlando/YouTube/Osceola County Sheriff’s Office]

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