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Gabi DeMartino Apologizes For Posting Childhood Nudity On OnlyFans, Claims She's 'Dis-Attached With Reality'

Gabi DeMartino apologizes for her child porn scandal on Only Fans in new YouTube video...

Gabi DeMartino is desperately trying to walk back her disturbing OnlyFans scandal.

As we reported on Wednesday, the 25-year-old YouTube star is facing major backlash after uploading and selling a video of herself naked as a young child on her account. What she thought was cute and innocent was instead regarded by thousands of fans as a disturbing jump into child porn — and OnlyFans agreed, quickly terminating the young star’s account.

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And so on Thursday night, DeMartino uploaded a brand new 2-minute long video to her personal YT channel — which boasts more than 3 million subscribers — in an attempt to apologize for her actions.

Speaking directly to the camera in that tried and true YouTube apology format, Gabi got right down to the point. She said, in part (below):

“Never in a million years did I think that something I thought was so innocent could be looked at in such an ugly way and I think that’s where the problem lies. I realized I’m so dis-attached with reality that it didn’t even cross my mind that this could be viewed like this, and that’s a serious issue. It’s not funny, it will never be funny, and it’s not OK. I’m really sorry. I’m sorry to my friends, my fans, my family, to anyone that I’ve hurt, I’m so truly sorry. It was a definitely a huge lack of character, and judgment. I know who I am in my heart, and if you know me, you know I would never condone anything like this, so it really hurts me to know the pain that I’ve caused for so many people.”

“Dis-attached” with reality? Girl, whatever that means, that’s the least of your problems here! At least she actually said the words “I’m really sorry” though, right? Not all of ’em do…

Anyway, here’s the full vid (below):

Probably not how the vlogger saw her December going, but here we are! And Gabi’s not the only one speaking out — because the Ariana Grande look-alike not the only one who she’s affecting with her actions!!

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Twin sis Niki DeMartino (pictured above, inset) also took to social media to address the situation on Thursday afternoon. The 25-year-old twins share a channel — Niki & Gabi — that boasts nearly 10 million subscribers, so they both have a lot to lose in the fallout from this scandal.

Posting on Instagram, Niki revealed to the world that she and Gabi were going to take a break from putting up new content on their channel for the time being, “while our family deals with this crisis.”

Here’s her full announcement (below):

Understandable, considering all that’s happened.

After all, this isn’t a “normal” YouTube scandal where some teenager says something stupid and has to deal with the social media consequences or something. When you start throwing around words like “child porn,” s**t gets serious. Yeesh…

What do U make of this scandal, Perezcious readers? Probably a good move by OnlyFans to remove Gabi’s account, but does she deserve backlash beyond that? Or was it just a (really bad) innocent mistake that she can move on from?

Sound OFF with your take about everything here down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Gabi DeMartino/YouTube]

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