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Fatphobic Social Media Users Triggered By Gatorade Ad Showing Plus-Size Woman WORKING OUT!!

Fatphobic Social Media Users Get Triggered By Gatorade Ad Showing Plus-Size Woman WORKING OUT!!

People have been melting down online all week because Gatorade debuted a new commercial that shows *gasp* a plus-size woman working out.

Yes, seriously. Get ready for a REALLY stupid controversy here. But the way a lot of kind, considerate social media users have clapped back against these icky trolls is actually really inspiring!!

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Late last week, the sports drink company debuted a new Gatorade Fit commercial. Tying it into the New Year and resolutions and all that, the brand showed three people exercising and using Gatorade to rehydrate. One of those three is a plus-size yoga practitioner and teacher named Jessamyn Stanley.

You can see the ad — and Stanley — for yourself (below):

The poses Jessamyn gets herself into are objectively AH-Mazing! Pretty inspirational, right?!

Well, some people didn’t think so.

Over on Twitter, a bunch of haters picked up on Stanley’s appearance in the ad and moved to criticize it. Comedian Nick DiPaolo slammed Jessamyn’s inclusion in the advert:

And conservative political commentator Steven Crowder criticized the ad, too, in a tweet that quickly went viral:


Like, why go after someone who is very obviously working hard to improve themselves? And one who, by the way, is already a renowned yoga adherent and clearly strong AF?! We’d like to see DiPaolo or Crowder try to get into those poses…

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Thankfully, as the latter’s tweet blew up over the last few days, other people haven’t been afraid to take him to task for his ignorant opinion on Stanley’s yoga practice.

Here are just a few of the funniest and best responses to Crowder’s cruelty:


And many, many more people ripped into Crowder and other critics of the ad, too:

“Would you rather they showed a fat person sitting on a couch and eating junk food? I think it’s a positive thing to show overweight people exercising and wanting to get in shape.”

“A woman doing exercise requiring both strength and balance isn’t healthy?”

“It’s not okay to shame people attempting to alleviate a health issue. Do better!”

“This is absolutely healthy. And engaging in activities that foster mind body connection, as well as strengthen core (like Pilates and yoga) can improve health. Take your fat phobia elsewhere.”

“Ok do that pose then”

“Wait… so is Gatorade not allowed to sell to overweight people who are working out? Just skinny, already fit people should drink Gatorade?”

“It took me literally years of consistent practice to be able to do this pose freestanding. She IS in shape.”

“Looks extremely healthy to me and I’m jealous of her strength, balance and awesome orange athletic clothes.”


The controversy has bubbled over to Instagram, as well.

Saint Hoax picked up on the proliferation of conservative accounts tweeting about the ad, and Jessamyn’s presence in it:

In the comments of that IG post, other followers backed Stanley, too:

“Absolutely beautiful and necessary, if you can see her you can be her.”

“Why are humans this disgusting? I can’t wrap how people manage to be blatantly rude and insensitive”

“she might not have the “society acceptable fitness body” but… she is strong afff! You know how hard it is doing that yoga pose?”

“People want bigger people to loose [sic] weight but don’t want to see bigger people work out, make it make sense “

“Make it make sense” indeed!!

It sucks to see the Louder with Crowder host and his ilk go after an innocent person for no good reason. But it is honestly pretty inspiring to see the world call him out for it so quickly!

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And they’re not the only ones showing love to Jessamyn. In fact, she’s actually showing love to herself, too!

The yoga expert took to her own IG account on Wednesday morning to reflect on being such a prominently featured part of the national Gatorade campaign. While sharing behind-the-scenes clips and more from the shoot, she wrote:

“It’s crazy to be on a set like this when I know people who look like me are rarely shown as anything other than the before in a before and after.”

And she continued:

“But we are the before, during, and after. Being fat means you are strong and powerful and capable of doing anything in this world. I’m so honored to be part of a community that celebrates athletes across the board. What you look like is just the beginning. You can do anything you decide to do.”

Love it!!

Ch-ch-check out Jessamyn’s triumphant take on her Gatorade work (below):

Take THAT, Steven Crowder!

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Gatorade/YouTube]

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