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Kim Kardashian Was BEYOND Panicked After Gaining TWO Pounds Ahead Of Marilyn Monroe Moment At The Met Gala!

Kim Kardashian Was BEYOND Panicked Over Weight Loss Prior To Met Gala Moment In Marilyn Monroe Dress

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Kim Kardashian was freaking out in the days leading up to her unforgettable Met Gala 2022 red carpet walk in Marilyn Monroe‘s iconic dress.

On the latest episode of The Kardashians, viewers finally got to see the 42-year-old star go through the entire ordeal leading up to the big moment. Of course, as we’ve previously reported, Kim lost 16 pounds in a month in order to fit into the skintight number — and her methods for getting there were roundly criticized by other celebs after they were revealed.

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In Thursday’s new episode on Hulu, filmed at the time leading up to the Met Gala in early May, Kim reveals how she reached her goal weight of 118 pounds to fit into the dress. The extreme weight loss wasn’t without issues. In fact, the SKIMS mogul recounted how she reached her goal number, then went back up to 120 pounds. So, she had to buckle down to lower it a second time.

Speaking to her personal trainer in the ep, Kim said:

“So, I am down to 118 [pounds] again. I got up to 120, which was tripping me out.”

Obsessed with the number on the scale and her goal of fitting into Marilyn’s iconic outfit, Kim revealed she had even gone to greater lengths to ensure the weight would come off. The SKKN By Kim mogul explained to her trainer that she’d purchased a sauna suit to further intensify the detox process:

“So, I fit into the dress, but I am not going to stop working out. I got this sauna suit and I put it on and it makes you sweat. Even if it is water weight it will help.”

Oof. Girl, that is seriously taking it to another level — and we don’t mean that in a good way. Obviously the star was doing it to turn heads, but the INSANE, and straight-out unhealthy lengths she went to in order to pull it off, screams of fatphobia. Even Kim picked up on the seeming absurdity of the process, though. Reflecting in a confessional during the ep, the mom of four pondered the meaning of her hard work when it was all going to be seen for only a few moments:

“All of this — this losing weight, dying the hair for 30 hours, leaving the hotel in a robe, getting there, changing on the red carpet, just walking to the red carpet, then changing again into a replica of the dress because we can’t risk sitting in it and eating dinner — is all for maybe 10 minutes of my life. Like, that’s it.”

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Interestingly, the Selfish author also revealed that she was expecting some backlash for her Monroe turn. Granted, pretty much everything Kim does gets backlash — some warranted, some not — but Kanye West‘s ex counted on it this time around. In another sequence from Thursday’s Hulu ep, the reality TV star said:

“I’m a little nervous some people will hate it, and just be like, ‘how dare she think she can step into Marilyn’s dress.’ … And I get that.”

And they did! Celebs like Lili Reinhart and Bethenny Frankel took Kim to task after the Met Gala for her extreme weight loss measures to fit into the dress and the controversy of wearing it in the first place.

Of course, there was also the contentious back-and-forth over whether Kim had damaged the dress. So much post-Gala sniping went on! For weeks after! Nevertheless, at the end of the day, Kim lost the pounds she felt she needed to in the month before the event. She reached her goals, she was the talk of the fashion world, and she made history in her own way. But was it worth it??

How can someone so influential feel so proud about her unhealthy obsession with those numbers and seemingly disordered eating?

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