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Gisele Bündchen Brought Sexy Jiu-Jitsu Instructor Along To Costa Rica… To Homeschool The Kids??

Gisele Bündchen Brought Sexy Jiu-Jitsu Instructor Along To Costa Rica… To Homeschool The Kids??

Gisele Bündchen has unabashedly been living her best life in Costa Rica ever since divorcing Tom Brady last month. As she should! And we’ve been keeping up with her newly single shenanigans… including the fact that she brought jiu-jitsu instructor Joaquim Valente along with her and her children to the tropical destination!

What could this mean so soon after the breakup? Well, all the signs (and sources) were pointing to this being one big slap in the face to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers player. While nothing was confirmed romance-wise, it seemed like maybe these two had taken their friendship to the next level since they were seen on a date night over the weekend.

But with everyone getting all excited about a possible new romance, sources are now claiming Joaquim is only there to… homeschool the children? Wait, wut?

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According to TMZ on Wednesday, insiders close to the supermodel claim her children Benjamin, 12, and Vivian, 9, are being homeschooled. To keep up with their busy lifestyle, they have a full team of educators who travel with them so they can stay on track with their education.

Boujee AF!

This homeschool regime includes a full-time teacher who travels with the family to Costa Rica, throughout Florida, and beyond. The unnamed professor (also a good-looking guy FWIW — LOLz!) was out with the family over the weekend during the potential new couple’s dinner date (which you can see HERE). He managed to go unnoticed until now since nobody knew who he was at the time of the initial reporting.

While hitting the books is important to the parents, physical education is just as high on their list! Because of this, they hired Joaquim to travel with the family and train the children (and Gisele) as well. Per the sources, it was an easy choice since the athlete was already training the kids in jiu-jitsu after they connected at home in Miami.

As we mentioned, Gisele and Joaquim go way back. Last year, she appeared in a HAWT jiu-jitsu-focused photo shoot with his brothers for Dust Magazine. Not to mention he’s also trained her on the mat, meaning they’ve spent plenty of time getting physical together…

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But get your minds out of the gutter because that’s not what’s going on in Costa Rica — or so the sources say! If we’re listening to those in the know, Joaquim is just a very committed homeschool instructor who is apparently ready to drop everything and travel the world to help two young pupils stay active. Yep, for just one client he’ll leave his business, Valente Brothers, for several weeks to homeschool these two kids.

Um… really?! That’s what they want us to think?? We mean, it’s not like the kids are jiu-jitsu prodigies (that we know of, at least). Is the money really that good? Or is there something else going on here?

Interestingly, this latest sighting is not the first time the group has made the trip to the Nicoya Peninsula together either, according to an insider! Wow! Despite all this speculation, there’s been no proof of a fling, such as PDA, and TMZ’s sources are adamant nothing romantic is going on.

Still, it reads just like a classic rom-com story to us… A gorgeous model breaks up with her hot-shot hubby only to fall in love with her children’s trainer while on a rejuvenating trip to Costa Rica. How Gisele got her groove back… C’mon, it practically writes itself! And maybe it will… time will tell!

What are YOUR thoughts about this, Perezcious readers? Is something more going on? Or is Joaquim really just a well-paid and well-traveled homeschool teacher? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Valente Brothers TV/Tampa Bay Buccaneers/YouTube & Gisele Bündchen/Instagram]

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