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OMG! Glen Powell ‘Almost Died’ Filming Nude Scene With Sydney Sweeney!

OMG! Glen Powell ‘Almost Died’ Filming Nude Scene With Sydney Sweeney!

Glen Powell almost died?? While he was NAKED?!

While speaking with Variety on Monday night at the premiere of his new film Anyone But You, the 35-year-old looked back on some of the scarier moments while shooting alongside Sydney Sweeney… and we mean REALLY scary!

If you’ve seen the trailer, then you’ll probably recall a scene where a spider invades the co-stars’ space while they stand cliffside, leading to Glen ditching his clothes to make sure it wasn’t hanging out in his skivvies. See (below):


But while it may look hilarious on screen, he remembers it as quite the opposite: a moment which left him feeling totally uncool — and inches from death!

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He told the outlet:

“You just have to grip it and rip it on a scene like that. You know you’re not going to leave that filming day looking cool, so you just have to embrace it. Taking your clothes off on the side of a cliff in a hurry is not safe either.”

Uhhh, yeah, we can imagine! He continued:

“Nobody talks about that safety issue on set, where I almost died falling off a cliff taking my pants off too fast.”

OMG! We’ve heard of actors dedicating it all for a role, Glen just took it to the next level! We guess some of the shock on his face during that scene was genuine fear for his life!! However, at the end of the day, he’s happy with how the scene turned out:

“But it’s a really fun scene, so it was all worth it.”


Sydney, on the other hand, dealt with her own scare, as she said the spider actually BIT her for realz:

“There’s the spider itself, which actually bit me, and that was a whole thing.”

Ouch! But it sounds like the situation was made better by her getting to check out her co-star — who she DEFINITELY has chemistry with, to say the least:

“And then we have the part of Glen bending over and me checking to see if there are more spiders. I’m very acquainted with Glen now.”

Well, that’s no secret! The whole world pretty much thinks they had an on-set fling — even Glen’s ex-GF, Gigi Paris, who broke up with him because of it!

Thoughts?? Will YOU be seeing Anyone But You? Let us know in the comments down below!

[Images via Men’s Health & Sony Pictures Entertainment/YouTube]

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