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Raising four kids is expensive these days, and Britney ain’t getting any richer. She’s got lots of lawyer and medical bills to pay!
Daddy Kevin Federline has been working hard as of late to earn some money on his own. Acting in One Tree Hill, special appearances at NYC Fashion Week…he gots to do what he gots to do to bankroll the family and pay his bodyguard. Yes, he still rolls with a bodyguard.
The K-Fed clan can continue to rest easy, for now, because there could be $200,000 coming their way. A major cable network has reportedly offered the pricy sum for a sit-down with the Kevs, and, believe it or not, he doesn’t need to talk about Britney!
That’s the kicker. According to a Federline source, K-Fed has been offered $500,000 to spill about Brit and has refused.
Nothing is set in stone yet for a new interview. Team Kevin are said to be angling for more money.
Do we really wanna hear him talk about his “career” or his role as a father???
If he ain’t talking Britney, it’s not worth it!
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Feb 14, 2008 11:27am PDT

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