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Priest On Trial Allegedly THREW ACID On Jury Of Bishops Deciding His Fate! WTF?!

A priest has been accused of throwing acid on bishops while they were overseeing a trial against him!

This is absolutely horrific…

A priest in Athens, Greece who was undergoing a disciplinary hearing allegedly threw ACID into the faces of the jury of bishops who were seated before him deciding his fate with the church, according to local news reports.

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The priest isn’t named, and is only identified as a 37-year-old man. During his trial on Wednesday of this week, the bishops had just announced their decision to have him defrocked for reportedly hiding cocaine under his cossack back in 2018. As if that wasn’t bad enough, when the bishops made their announcement about the fate of the priest, local authorities in Greece report that he “leapt up, pulled out two bottles of acid, and sprayed it on the jury.”


One of the injured bishops spoke to Greek newspaper Ta Nea, telling the outlet about his experience through the horrifying ordeal (below):

“My first thought was that it was holy water. I quickly realized what was flying — was a caustic liquid.”

Holy s**t…

The paper reported that as many as 10 people — including multiple bishops, at least two lawyers, and one secretary — were injured in the attack with burns on their faces and hands. At least three of the bishops are still hospitalized now, two days later, with severe injuries.

Thankfully, it doesn’t appear that anyone has died from the attack.

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Another witness told the newspaper about the acid’s sudden disfiguring effects, horrifically recalling:

“It was immediate. Another [bishop’s] face changed color as soon as the liquid fell on him.”

The priest attempted to escape immediately following the assault, but he was quickly captured by local police officers, and he’s now being held in custody. One of the attacker’s lawyers claimed to a local TV news outlet that he was apparently “struggling with his mental health” lately and had even attempted suicide about a month ago.

Greece’s top government officials learned of the attack through news reports and made their own statements about it, too, according to The Guardian. Health minister Vasilis Kakilias called the incident “unprecedented and tragic,” while education minister Niki Kerameus added (below):

“The attack with vitriol … is a disgusting act. I wish them a speedy recovery and a good return to their duties.”

What a scary situation.

You can see more about the ordeal via RT‘s reporting about it in Greece this week (below):

Just terrible…

Our thoughts are with the unfortunate victims of this horrific, unexpected attack.

Really wishing and praying for all the injured victims to have a quick, steady recovery and be able to get on with their lives.

[Image via Ruptly/YouTube]

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