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Viewers Think Gypsy Rose Blanchard Is STILL Lying About Fake Childhood Illness! Whoa!

Viewers Think Gypsy Rose Blanchard Is STILL Lying About Fake Childhood Illness! Whoa!

Gypsy Rose Blanchard is getting SLAMMED after seemingly lying about her health!

In a sneak peek of her upcoming Lifetime docuseries Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up, the convicted murderer can be seen talking about how she had bifocal glasses when she was 14, seemingly as a result of the abuse and unnecessary medical treatment she endured as a victim of Munchausen by proxy. She also teased:

“I’m also 32 with dentures. I’m an old lady!”

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Explaining the situation further, she continued:

“My teeth are something that I’ve always been insecure about. The hospital gave me free dentures because chemotherapy and treatments like that will rot your teeth.”

She noted she has about “16 teeth left,” but that they have all been “shaved down” in the process. She mused:

“It’s one of the small little reminders of everything that I’ve gone through. And it would be nice to have a whole white smile someday but I know that’s probably very expensive.”

But, um, this is NOT going over well with viewers! In fact, they think it proves that she’s learned nothing from her past — and they are questioning her chemotherapy comment BIG TIME!! See the clip (below):


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So, here’s the thing: fans are now calling Gypsy out for not only allegedly lying about her health but trying to get free things out of it — which is similar to what her late mother Dee Dee allegedly did throughout Gypsy Rose’s childhood. Upset viewers wrote in the comments:

“Wow, way to kick cancer survivors and those who have actually had chemo. Shame on Lifetime for celebrating a murderer who has yet to fully take any accountability.”

“She’s never had chemo”

“Okay, I’m calling BS. NO ONE gets chemo unless you absolutely NEED IT”

“You can’t fake cancer cells. No oncologist is going to give chemotherapy without a very specific diagnosis. No matter how good of an actor you and your mom were!”

“’it’s probably very expensive’ translation: somebody feel sorry and buy this for me. Chip off the old block.”

FWIW, while Gypsy knew she could eat regular food and walk, despite keeping up the act for her mother, she reportedly did believe that she had leukemia way back when. People reported on that back in April:

“Dee Dee forced her daughter to use a wheelchair (even though she could walk), shaved her head to give the appearance of going through chemotherapy and gave her medications that would induce symptoms similar to the conditions with which she said Gypsy was afflicted.”

So, yeah, that’s very different than actually going through chemo! But it seemingly tricked Gypsy as a child. She has claimed in the past that she didn’t find out the truth about the cancer scam until her murder trial! As for the gift thing, People added:

“According to the Associated Press, authorities believed that Dee Dee may have had financial motivations for the deception; Dee Dee and Gypsy received a house from Habitat for Humanity, went backstage at Miranda Lambert concerts via the Make-a-Wish Foundation and went on paid trips to Disney World.”

This kind of lifestyle was all Gypsy knew as a kid, obvi. And now that she’s in the public eye, it’s not shocking to think that she could once again use fame to her advantage. It’s how she was raised, ya know?! But to continue to claim that she allegedly had chemo when she knows she never even had cancer??? That’s WILD! Reactions? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Lifetime/YouTube]

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