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Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez ALREADY Divorcing! They'll Officially Announce When It's All Over, Claims Source!

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Whoa! Say it ain’t so, Bennifer!

The news Ben Affleck had moved out of his marital home with Jennifer Lopez was a huge blow to those following their epic love story. That initial report also said they were headed for divorce — something various sources have been less consistent on. We’ve heard from friends and confidants who lean one way or the other on whether the marriage can survive. Frankly most of that we chalked up to how optimistic each source was.

But now we’re hearing from someone with a jaw-dropping update — the divorce isn’t a question but a reality. It’s already happening.

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DeuxMoi broke the news on her Deux U podcast Thursday morning. A source told her the Hollywood power couple had hired an extremely well-known celebrity divorce attorney who was already on the case. That famous lawyer is currently “mediating the divorce,” says the insider.

Why haven’t they already announced? Well, if this source is to be believed, they’re planning to announce officially only once all the paperwork is done. If this sounds familiar, it may be because it’s exactly what Tom Brady and Gisele did. They patiently ignored the rumors, waiting until the divorce was finalized to release their statements. It would make perfect sense for Ben to want to go this route. Not only because he prefers to keep things private but also because Tom is both his idol AND his friend. Of course he’d want to follow in his cleatsteps.

Deux’s source says it should be a relatively painful process as “no one is disputing the prenup.” Sounds amicable, at least as far as these things go. Obviously they both have kids, they’ve both been through it before. They both came into the marriage rich. Why shouldn’t they make it easy on themselves and their family?

Unfortunately for Ben and Jen shippers, the insider is fairly certain it’s over this time, and there’s no coming back. They offered a weak “0.1% chance” of reconciliation — that is, one in a thousand. Ouch.

So when did the actual divorce proceedings start? Was it right when he moved out? Well… That’s not 100% clear, but the source does make a point of saying Ben skipping her Atlas movie premiere in Mexico was “a big deal to Jen.” That was, of course, the time he was spotted instead having a guys’ night dinner in Santa Monica. Oof. That might even have been the “dealbreaker” for J.Lo. Damn. Nothing bigger than the little things, right?

What do YOU think about this shocking update??

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May 30, 2024 11:36am PDT