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Hailey Bieber Gets CALLED OUT For Rude Behavior At Her Rhode Launch Party!!

Hailey Bieber Gets CALLED OUT For Her Rude Behavior At The Rhode Skin Launch Party!!

Hailey Bieber may be branching out into skincare, but one lucky guest at her Rhode launch party doesn’t think she’s off to a great start!

Beauty vlogger Iris Beilin (pictured above, left inset) gave the model’s new skincare brand a terrible review on Instagram after attending the launch party on Thursday night — but her frustration had little to do with the actual products, and everything to do with Hailey’s rude behavior!

In a candid IG video, the social media star explained that while she usually doesn’t attend all the events she’s invited to, she took a chance on Rhode Skin’s launch party because she was genuinely excited. Unfortunately, it probably would have been better to stay home because it seems the event was a total waste of her time!

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Iris shared that while the atmosphere of the event was just as fun as you’d expect coming from Justin Bieber’s wife, Hailey was the real problem:

“The event was beautiful, like it was literally a nightclub kind of thing. The food was nice. It was a vibe. But the girl gets there with her friends Kylie [Jenner], Kendall [Jenner], all of her friends are there. But they have like this corner that only they could be in.”

The VIP section was nearby other partygoers, but Iris and her friends decided to give Hailey her space… with the expectation that the Rhode creator would eventually interact with others! Buuut she NEVER did, Iris added:

“We give them their space. But we’re like, we want to take a picture with you, we want a little content. It’s your brand, we want to hear about it. We’re excited about this brand that you created. Your girl doesn’t say a word. When I tell you she ain’t say nothing.”


At her own launch party? That is a little strange…

Iris gave her the benefit of the doubt, assuming she might have “anxiety” that would make addressing an audience scary, but still, it doesn’t really make up for the lackluster event, she shared:

“And listen I totally understand. Probably the girl has anxiety. She don’t come from this background. But if you’re coming out with a brand, you have to talk mamita. You created this, this is your baby. Tell me why you love it. Tell me why I should change the moisturizer that I’m using to use yours.”

Such an important part of a product launch!! Especially when you’re in a room of influential beauty icons and content creators!! Get those people on board and just think of how well the product will do, right?! Well, the 25-year-old either didn’t get that memo or just didn’t care because she hardly interacted with her guests, Iris continued:

“This girl didn’t say anything and it was the most awkward thing because there were people hovering to take pictures with her, to talk with her. This is your event! Show up for your event! Or have your rep people say something!”

Thankfully, one person did take the stand to share some thoughts on Rhode — and it was actually a very famous someone! Iris noted:

“I think the only one who ended up saying something was Kylie and it was cute because it was her best friend congratulating her, and that’s it. And it was so cool to see them show up for her, that’s actually beautiful. You know, because they’re famous and they do so many things. They did show up for their friends. That I thought was very kind and sweet.”

Aw, that’s cute! Love that show of support! But not even The Kardashians star was powerful or charming enough to change the mood of the already “very uncomfortable” party where it was clear to Iris “no one [knew] nothing.” Yikes. She added:

“But, yeah, no, Hailey didn’t say anything or want to talk about anything.”

That’s honestly so surprising! Instead of getting pumped up about the new skincare line during the party, Iris says she and the other guests were left “standing around like losers.” That is NOT what you want people feeling like when you’re trying to gain their support!

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Worse was the fact that plenty of people were trying very hard to get a chance to talk to Hailey, but she seemingly blatantly ignored them!

“It was the hovering for me. That’s what got me. People were hovering her and she was making eye-contact with some people. She would not get out of her bubble with her friends that she sees every day. Take pictures with people who took time out of their day to support her event. That was the kind of thing that kind of threw me off. It’s like, damn, y’all gotta do better, man. I don’t care who you are.”

Adding to the tension was the fact that Hailey only made an effort to interact with the “TikTok girls.” Some social media hierarchy to add to the drama, we guess! Iris concluded:

“They should do better and just have stuff prepared.”

Check out her full review of the event (below)!


In one fell swoop, Rhode just lost a customer and a chance at some good press! Too bad! Thoughts on this, Perezcious readers? Was it Hailey’s responsibility to interact more or is this vlogger just bitter she didn’t get some face time with the celeb? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Iris Beilin/Instagram & Vogue/YouTube]

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