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Hailey Bieber Bares All -- Goes Makeup-Free While Discussing Health Issue Very Close To Her Heart!

Hailey Bieber Bares All -- Goes Makeup-Free While Discussing Health Issue Very Close To Her Heart!

Hailey Bieber is doing her best to overcome a persistent skincare issue that she’s had for nearly a decade.

On Wednesday, the Rhode Beauty founder took to TikTok to share a 53-second video about perioral dermatitis. To really drive the point home — and prove just how much that disorder affects her skin, and has for years — she went without makeup and bared everything right down to the epidermis for all of her followers.

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In the vid, the 27-year-old first typed up this caption (below) which explained perioral dermatitis and put into context how people may first figure out they are suffering through years of the relentless red bumps and rashing:

“Perioral dermatitis is a skin disorder resembling acne or rosacea. In most cases, it involves tiny red bumps that form on the lower half of the face, in the folds of the nose and around the mouth.”

Then, with music playing along in the background, she spoke. First, Justin Bieber‘s wife revealed that she’s been struggling to battle PD for a third of her life (!) thus far:

“So, I wanted to talk about perioral dermatitis, because this is something I have had since I was about 19 or 20, and I know a lot of other people deal with it and struggle with it, as well.”


That battle is no joke, either. Hailey revealed that she is currently experiencing a “pretty bad flare up.” With it, she has been forced to lather on not one but TWO prescription medications. They have helped to dry and smooth out her skin, reduce inflammation, and fight back against red bumps, rashes, and discomfort:

“I’m having a pretty bad flare up right now, so I wanted to share what I use. At night, I use a prescription azelaic acid cream, which really helps with the inflammation caused by the perioral dermatitis. And in the daytime, I use Clindamycin, which is also a prescription that you can get from the dermatologist.”

Oof! We feel for her! It must be so annoying to feel your face burning and know your skin is flaking and peeling and breaking out, and yet there seems to be so little to be done during the worst flare ups! In the end, the model smartly called out Rhode’s Glazing Milk product as another helper in the fight against PD:

“The only other things that I use when I’m having a flare-up of perioral dermatitis would be our own Glazing Milk, because it’s super gentle and helps calm the skin. It doesn’t irritate it any further. And this is the next morning, after I slept in my prescription and kept the Glazing Milk on. It’s super simple, and you can tell it’s a lot less irritated and angry.”

But the biggest story here was the actual video! Hailey pushed all her proverbial chips in to the center of the table on this one. She chose to show off her entirely makeup-free face to prove exactly how bad the skin flare up had gotten. Look:


Perioral Dermatitis! Lets talk about it!!

♬ Aesthetic Vibes – Megacreate


Good for her for being so open and honest about this. She’s had more than her fair share of serious health issues in the recent past. And sure, skin probz aren’t the same as suffering a mini-stroke. But this stuff still sucks to deal with and devote time and worry over! Sending love and light!!

[Image via Hailey Bieber/Instagram/Instagram]

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