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Woman In Audience For 'Horrible' Harrison Butker Speech Speaks Out About Her Graduation Feeling 'Less Special' Now

Harrison Butker Speech Student Response TikTok

If you felt your blood boil listening to Harrison Butker‘s disgusting commencement speech at Benedictine College this week, just imagine how much it must have hurt to hear in person?

A Benedictine student named Susannah Leisegang took to TikTok to speak out about her experience hearing those bigoted, sexist remarks in person. Reminding listeners this was a “Catholic, conservative” school, she sadly revealed:

“There was a standing ovation from everyone in the room except from me, my roommate and about 10-15 other women.”

In particular the reaction from the male students was as upsetting as the words being spoken:

“A lot of the men were like, ‘f**k yeah.’ They were excited, but it was horrible. Most of the women were looking back and forth like what the f**k is going on?”

Ugh, can you imagine??

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She did say even in a place like that some women audibly protested:

“Some of us did boo. Me and my roommate definitely did.”

Susannah told viewers she got her degree in graphic design and was planning to work for a magazine company. Being just 21 she wasn’t interested in popping out children yet:

“I’m excited for what my career brings me and, no, I’m not a f**king homemaker.”

Staring off, though, after being told her real accomplishment would be her marriage and children, that her career aspirations were part of some great big lie? She lamented:

“It definitely made graduation feel a little less special.”

Aw. How upsetting! See the full video (below):


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[Image via Benedictine College/YouTube/Susannah Leisegang/TikTok.]

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