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I Split Kate & Pete
Behind the Cokate & Doperty drama! CLICK HERE to read the article accompanying the headline.

I Split Kate & Pete
EXCLUSIVE: MODEL WHO SPLIT PETE & KATE It was wild night of passion I felt like I was cheating on Kate, but had to do it Pete is a very sexy guy ..he was a fantastic lover
THE model at the centre of Kate Moss and Pete Doherty’s break-up has admitted that she DID share a wild night of passion with the rocker.
Now 29-year-old South African Lindi Hingston – who lists Hollywood actor Jared Leto and Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose among her previous lovers – is consumed by guilt.
Lindi, from Cape Town, has always idolised supermodel Kate, who she met nine years ago. But now she is racked by guilt over the one-night stand with Pete.
“I felt like I was cheating on Kate, but I just had to do it,” she told a friend of her fling with Doherty, after meeting him in a London nightclub 10 days ago.
Lindi’s comments come amid speculation that distraught Kate, 33, is preparing to check herself into rehab as she attempts to make a clean break from the Babyshambles singer.
Kate has not been seen at her North London home – where removal men have been busy removing Doherty’s piano, guitars and paintings – nor at her country retreat in The Cotswolds since last weekend when the Sunday Mirror revealed his infidelity.
Yesterday Lila Grace was staying with her dad Jefferson Hack while Kate was reported to have gone to Paris. But at the last minute she pulled out of a job for designer John Galliano there.
She last checked into rehab in September 2005 after our sister paper the Daily Mirror published photographs of her snorting cocaine with Doherty.
Now Lindi has told friends how she became captivated by 28-year-old Doherty after bumping into him at the Crystal nightclub, where the junkie rocker had gone after a row with Kate.
She has also told friends the singer has phoned her several times this week, begging to see her again.
While Lindi says she has agreed to meet him, she says she has decided to stick with her long-term Belgian model boyfriend Anthaun – who is working in Hong Kong.
A close friend of the model said: “Pete told Lindi he was single. She said he made her laugh. There is something different about him, she said.”
Lindi admitted there was “something so vulnerable about him that makes you feel protective towards him”.
She told her friend the sex had been “fantastic… in every way.”
“She told me Pete’s a very sexy guy and that she understood what Kate sees in him,” the friend said.
“It was obvious when they were in the club what was going to happen. Lindi knew it was insane, but said it was a lot of fun. It was a very passionate evening.”
Lindi – who was the face of Timotei in South Africa – has been in touch with her mum Mia to assure her that she’s sticking with Anthaun.
She has told friends that Doherty made the first move at the nightclub.
After chatting they left in a taxi with her Russian model pal – whom other newspapers wrongly identified as Lindi.
The pair went back to the flat of a friend of Doherty’s in East London and Lindi stayed the night.
But when she got back to the flat she shares in Kilburn, North-West London, she fell apart – and rang a friend in tears. The pal explained: “She had the post-sex guilt hangover. It all seemed like a good idea at the time – but not the next day. When you work in the modelling business the one person you do not want to cross is Kate Moss. She can ruin you. Now she is scared of being portrayed as someone who’s stolen another woman’s man.”
Lindi met Kate at the opening of Storm models South African agency in 1998 in Cape Town. “She really looks up to her as the best and most beautiful in the business,” her friend said. “But she told me all about her night with Pete and said they had great sex. Lindi said he was very funny and totally charmed her into bed.
“They also had a massive heart-to-heart when he told her that he was single after rowing with Kate. And he wept when he talked about his drug addictions and the way his life is so chaotic.”
The friend continued: “She had gone to the club and knocked back a few glasses of champagne. And when she’s had a few drinks she is the sort of girl who is up on the tables dancing.
“She knew who Pete was, so she was flattered when he started paying her lots of attention. He was very charming and very witty and intelligent.
“She’s also got a soft spot for these scruffy men who are very bright. She likes intellectual ruffians. But he’s an idiot and she is stupid to fool around with him.
“But she does seem to really fancy Pete. She told me she has spoken to him on the phone many times this week. And she has agreed to meet him again. They couldn’t do it now because the heat is still on. He gets watched wherever he goes.”
Lindi divides her time between Cape Town and Europe, usually staying in Paris for a few months a year. But she came to London for a job in Scotland in May and decided to stay on and find further work. She is well known on the Cape Town party scene, with lots of high-profile pals.
She had an affair with Jared Leto while he had temporarily split with actress Scarlett Johansson, and she has been linked to wildman Axl Rose from Guns N’ Roses.
Lindi – who speaks English, Afrikaans, French and Italian – has one older sister Andrea.
Her father is a millionaire property developer who now works for a major South African estate agents, but Lindi and Andrea – who runs a property agency near Cape Town – were raised by mum Mia.
A family friend in Cape Town explained: “Lindi’s dad sent her a scathing email when he read about the Doherty incident. He was not at all happy. But I don’t think she’ll be seeing a lot of Pete. She disapproves very strongly of drugs. She’s never even smoked, and is very health-conscious.”
Lindi has been with Anthaun for three years. “He comes from a very respectable family,” the friend said. “Both parents are surgeons.
“Lindi is very realistic about modelling. It’s great for travel and for pin money, but she knows her future is in the property business. She already owns places in the Western Cape.”
Now Lindi is worried that she’ll be portrayed as the scarlet woman for luring Kate Moss’s man away. “She knows everyone in the UK seems to adore Kate Moss and she doesn’t want to find herself an outcast over this episode,” a friend said.
“We hope she has nothing more to do with Pete, but I trust Lindi to work that out for herself.”
Meanwhile, Pete has set up home in Homerton, East London with a load of groupies and hangers-on.
He appeared in court last week to face charges of drugs possession – including heroin, cocaine and ketamine – and has been ordered to sort himself out before sentencing on August 7 – or face prison.
Yesterday Doherty looked dishevelled as he played at the T In The Park rock festival in Kinross, Scotland.

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