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Teen Arrested for Planned Suicide Attack on Miley Cyrus
For reals! CLICK HERE to read the crazy article accompanying this headline!
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Teen Arrested for Planned Suicide Attack on Miley Cyrus
Was there a plot to attack a Hannah Montana concert? Was Miley Cyrus ever in danger? Reports claim that a teenager on board a Southwest Airline flight planned to take over the plane and fly it into a Lafayette, La., building where a “Hannah Montana” concert was to be performed. It is unclear why he had targeted Miley.
Was Miley Cyrus in Danger?
According to a report from CNN the plane originated in Los Angeles and was flight number 284 from LA to Nashville. According to the report he had planned to us some handcuffs that he had with him on the plane and some duct tape and rope.
He wanted to somehow overpower the flight crew and then use these items to secure them. The plot was foiled and the kid has been placed under arrest. He is being held and will face numerous charges a report from the television network details. Another scary detail, he also had mock airplane cockpit in his bedroom, so he may have been practicing.
Some information is apparently being withheld because he is a minor. It’s still unclear how authorities uncovered the plot, but a spokesperson for Southwest airlines says that at no time was the flight ever in any danger.

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