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2nd Woman Claims Herschel Walker 'Threatened' Her Into Getting Abortion -- And 'Waited In The Car' To Make Sure!

second woman claims herschel walker pressured her into an abortion threatened

The hypocrite of the year is back to — you guessed it — get more hypocritical!

As you know, Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker has been in some hot water ever since the world found out he’s not the man of virtue he wants everyone to think he is. The strict conservative has called abortion murder — even in cases of rape and incest — as well as blast men who have children out of wedlock and didn’t stay. Life really came at him fast when it came to light he allegedly did both of those things!

Just last month a woman came forward claiming Walker had paid for her abortion (and sent her a particularly religious get well card afterward). He denied knowing who she was, after which it turned out she was his baby momma! She not only had an abortion, he impregnated her AGAIN afterward and tried to convince her to have another. She refused and had the child! What’s that about men who have children without being married and sticking around, Herschel?

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But of course, the master of denial ran in circles trying to cover his tail. He went from claiming he didn’t know who the woman was to admitting he had FOUR children with FOUR DIFFERENT WOMEN! Then he switched strategies to denying everything — even though he just confessed to some of it! Clearly he’s having some trouble deciding which moral high road he wants to stay on — but while he’s so busy making that decision, he’s been sliding down into a sinkhole.

Last week another bombshell dropped. A SECOND woman came forward claiming Walker pressured her into getting an abortion some 30 years ago during a SIX-YEAR AFFAIR. Yeah, just when you’re thinking this can’t possibly get any worse for him, it does! But of course the political candidate is doing what he does best: deny, deny, deny.

The woman (pictured above) agreed to come forward publicly in a shocking Good Morning America interview on Tuesday morning. Going by the name Jane Doe, she said she felt compelled to come forward after seeing the first woman’s story — and even backed her up:

“When I saw the first woman coming forward a few weeks ago, he immediately called her a liar and said, ‘I never signed anything with the letter H’ — and I knew I had many cards from him where he signed the letter ‘H’. And so I believed then that she was telling the truth.”

And Jane had receipts, too! She and lawyer Gloria Allred have proof of the alleged six year affair in the form of letters with that same “H,” as well as a short voicemail the accuser claims is from Herschel’s 1992 Olympics stint. The only thing she doesn’t have proof of was the abortion procedure itself — but there’s very good reason for that. Herschel didn’t want to leave any evidence of it!

Doe said she was on birth control but became pregnant in 1993, and when she told the former football player she was expecting his child — well, he wasn’t too happy about it:

“He was very clear that he did not want me to have the child and he said that — he said that, because of his wife’s family and powerful people around him, that I would not be safe and that the child would not be safe. It is very menacing, and I felt threatened, and I- I thought I had no choice.”

Absolutely blood-boiling. Threatening a poor pregnant woman into having an abortion — then trying to make women who need abortions into criminals?! It’s only a crime if it’s not convenient for you, right, Herschel? Disgusting.

Walker wasn’t just suggesting it, either. He was so insistent, Jane claimed, that he drove her to the clinic himself when she got cold feet:

“He came to my house, and picked me up and drove me to the clinic, and I went in alone and he waited in the car while I went in and had the procedure.”

The accusing woman said after she got the abortion, her lover “distanced himself” from her “almost immediately”. She had to claim to her parents she had a miscarriage because she was so ashamed:

“It just was very shameful and I felt like I had been manipulated.”

So, so sad. Our hearts break for her and the pain she experienced. But the senate candidate finally took the high road, right? He came forward and said he made a mistake and nope-of-course-he-didn’t!

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“This was a lie a week ago and it is a lie today. Seven days before an election, the Democrats trot out Gloria Allred and some woman I do not know. Walker said in the statement. My opponents will do and say anything to win this election. The entire Democrat machine is coming after me and the people of Georgia. I am not intimidated. Once again, they messed with the wrong Georgian.”

Seriously, he can’t even offer a legitimate response or apology? Just more and more denial. Pathetic.

A friend of Jane came forward in the GMA interview on Tuesday to tell of a 2019 meetup between the alleged victim and the Republican candidate. The friend claimed she knew about the abortion for many years — and the interaction between the alleged exes didn’t seem like they were total strangers like the 60-year-old continues to claim:

“He embraced her. And the embrace, it was very emotional. It lasted longer than a normal embrace. It was like they had known each other for years and years and years, which I had known they had.”

And to even further prove this isn’t politically motivated — because some people just automatically assume when politicians are called out it always has to do with elections — Jane admitted to the interviewer she’s registered as an independent and even voted for Donald Trump twice! (Sounds like the kind of woman who would be involved with Herschel Walker, alright.)

Ch-ch-check out the full interview (below):

Wow. Just wow. Reactions, Perezcious readers?

[Image via YouTube/Good Morning America/Fox News]

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