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'House Of Horrors' Survivors Placed With Foster Parents Who Allegedly Molested & Tortured Them All Over Again -- SHOCKING Details Here...

Marcelino and Rosa Olguin pictured in court

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

The five children who were rescued from the Turpin house of horrors tragically found themselves in a different house of horrors right after.

As we reported in 2018, the Turpin children were rescued from their abusive parents, David and Louise Turpin, when one daughter escaped from the house and managed to dial 911. The world reeled at the descriptions of the home — but also thought the kids’ troubles were over. Unfortunately, however, they were just beginning, as the siblings were then placed in a foster home run by an alleged pedophile who went on to molest two of them.

Now, new docs detail just how horrific this second house of horrors was.

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Late last year, foster dad Marcelino Olguin (above, left), 63, was charged with seven counts of committing a lewd and lascivious act on a child and six of torture. His wife Rosa (above, right), 58, and daughter Lennys, 37, were both slapped with multiple child abuse charges — one of witness intimidation and another of fraud — for allegedly aiding and abetting his reign of terror.

In an affidavit supporting the charges obtained by, investigator Thomas Salisbury wrote that Marcelino targeted two of the girls, one of whom was under 14 at the time, for “sexual touching” on their buttocks and upper thighs more than 50 times. He also “told them they were sexy, recommended they not wear undershirts, said they had beautiful skin, forcibly kissed them and pulled a minor on top of him.”

The Olguins allegedly made the children participate in “confession circle talk” where they were “made to admit to their past sibling abuses, which their biological parents forced them to do.” These so-called confession circles reportedly started shortly after the group arrived at the foster home, even though the Olguins were well aware of the “egregious, lifelong, severe abuses” the minors had suffered at the hands of their parents.

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Salisbury wrote that one of the male Turpin children was picked on for extra abuse and was repeatedly locked in his bedroom. The Olguins allegedly “cussed at” the boy, “demeaned” him, separated him from his sisters, and “intentionally ruined his media devices.” All five kids were told they would never see their older siblings again if they didn’t obey the Olguins’ orders.

The foster parents were reportedly just as horrible to their other four foster children. They allegedly gave a 5-year-old girl, who is not one of the Turpins, sleeping pills then forced her to stand, ringing a bell in her ear and spraying water in her face so she couldn’t fall asleep.

This was reportedly “all while repeating the revenge phrase; ‘You don’t let us sleep, we’re not letting you sleep.’” The little girl, who was identified in the docs as V#1, reportedly collapsed and fell on the hard tile floor. They also reportedly locked the girl in her room for nine hours a day and failed to change her diaper.

Salisbury wrote:

“They frightened V#1 by telling her spiders were in the bathroom. They held her in that dark, noisy, scary bathroom (which contained a large decorative spider at one point) despite V#1’s crying/panicked pleas to be let out. They beat V#1 with sandals, choked her, threw her, and knocked her front tooth out by throwing her down several steps.”

Shockingly, both parents are certified foster carers and were approved to take in the Turpin children by the Riverside County Children’s Services Division. The pair also allegedly encouraged two of their foster children to fight each other, calling one a filthy a**hole and “motherf**ker,” while another was told she would end up as “a white piece of s**t on the curb” like her biological mother.

All three Olguins are set to be arraigned next Monday, with Marcelino facing a life sentence if found guilty. When approached by and asked if he was a pedophile and whether he regretted his treatment of the Turpin children, Marcelino said before hiding in his garage:

“F**k you.”

Both Turpin parents are serving life sentences after being found guilty of systematically abusing their 13 children by beating and starving them, chaining them to the wall as a punishment, and allowing them just one shower a year. David is currently in the protective custody unit at Corcoran State Prison while his wife Louise is serving her sentence in the Central California Women’s Prison.

Just… wow. What these kids have been through is imaginable. We hope officials make sure the next home they get placed in is filled with nothing but love.

[Image via CBS Los Angeles]

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