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Secrets Of Playboy Doc Reveals Hugh Hefner's Treatment Of Prostitutes During Weekly 'Pig Night' Sex Parties

Secrets Of Playboy Doc Details Hugh Hefner Hosting Prostitutes For Weekly 'Pig Night' Sex Parties

More details are coming out about some of the stories being shared in the forthcoming Secrets of Playboy docuseries — and this one in particular is super unsettling.

On Sunday, TMZ published a clip from the upcoming documentary special detailing life inside the late Hugh Hefner‘s empire and some of the goings-on behind the scenes at the infamous Playboy Mansion.

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In the excerpt, Hefner’s one-time girlfriend Sondra Theodore and one of his former employees, valet Stefan Tetenbaum, recall how the Playboy founder hosted a weekly ritual every Thursday night in which prostitutes would come up to the mansion for sex parties.

According to the interview subjects, Hefner would call pimps who would round up working girls from El Lay’s Sunset Strip. Decades ago, the Strip was the city’s hub for prostitution and sex work, and Hef would allegedly request that nearly a dozen girls would be dispatched to his mansion.

Theodore recalled her disgust at finding out what “Pig Night” was in the first place:

“For a little while, he was doing this crazy stuff, and I was just looking the other way. Like on Pig Night. I remember finding out what was going on because he said, ‘I’m going to be busy in the early part of the evening, some people are coming over.’ And then somebody told me what it was. A butler did. He said, ‘it’s Pig Night,’ and I said, ‘what?'”

Tetenbaum, who worked as a valet for the publishing mogul from 1978 through 1981, explained how the weekly Thursday night events supposedly took place:

“Every Thursday night, Hefner had two pimps bring up five or six girls each in their cars. It was called Pig Night, but we as butlers were always told, ‘do not call them pigs.’ This was Hefner’s term for them. I don’t know why he called them pigs. They would come up and go into the big dining room. Hefner’s friends and comrades and different stars, movie stars and television stars, would sit around the table with them, and as the butlers, we would serve them dinner.”

The night’s casual term allegedly used by Hef tells you all you need to know about what he thought of those women, doesn’t it? Especially considering he clearly knew how degrading it was by apparently asking his friends not to use it in front of the women themselves. Sigh.

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Tetenbaum continued from there, alleging that a doctor would apparently examine the women who were brought up to the mansion before the sex parties began later in the evening:

“They were told, ‘order anything you want.’ Hefner would sit at the head of the table. He would never eat dinner with them. He would smoke a pipe and observe the girls. One at a time, the girls were escorted into the front bathroom where the doctor would inspect them for anything that would be detrimental to any of his friends. The girls that passed muster would have sex with the different friends of Hefner.”


Secrets of Playboy is set to premiere on A&E on Monday, January 24. Surely there will be quite a few more shocking revelations and accusations about what went down for so many decades at the Playboy Mansion.

You can see the full clip (below):

[Image via WENN/A&E/YouTube]

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