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Humans Are NOT Turkeys!!!!


There was ANOTHER turkey hunting related accident this past weekend!

And, THANK GOD, there’s no death to report this time.

A Nampa, Idaho, man named Brent Rose survived after having more than 100 shotgun pellets drilled into his face, neck and back during a turkey hunting trip on Sunday.


Rose recounts that he was within reach of a turkey he had been chasing when he heard someone behind him.

“I turned around and saw the three boys,” Rose said.

He tried to whistle to alert the three hunters to his presence, but said his lips were too dry.

“I waived my hand to let them know I was there,” he said. “I saw them looking at me, and then boom. I was face down on the ground holding the back of my head and screaming for my life.”

The coat Rose had on at the time reportedly saved his life.

Idaho law enforcement hopes hunters learn a lesson from Rose’s horrifying experience.

A spokesman said, “Most hunting accidents are caused by not identifying your target. Mistaking a man for a turkey is definitely a case of misidentifying the target. This definitely could have been avoided ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ make darn sure you know what you’re shooting at.”

Note to self: stay far, far away from turkey hunting grounds.

Note to YOU: water guns are more fun than real ones!!!!!!!

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May 07, 2008 12:15pm PDT

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