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Meteorologist Jim Cantore Almost Gets Struck By Lightning During Hurricane Ian Storm Surge In Florida! Holy S**T!

Weatherman Almost Gets Struck By Lightning During Florida Storm Surge! Holy S**T!

Florida is facing a really scary storm right now!

As Hurricane Ian, a category 4 storm, causes severe damage to numerous Florida cities, shocking footage is now hitting social media showing the devastation that has already taken place due to the intense storm surge. For starters, a brave meteorologist was nearly struck by lightning!

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Reporting live on the Weather Channel earlier today while standing on a street in the middle of high winds and rain in Punta Gorda, Jim Cantore saw his life flash before his eyes when a snap of lighting (off camera) startled him. And judging by his fast reaction, it was SUPER close — look:


Over in Naples, Florida, another video showed the toll the storm was already taking on utilities — despite it not even reaching its peak yet! One video obtained by ABC News showed sparks and massive flames erupting from a power line. Yikes!

So scary!!

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One of the most concerning factors of this hurricane is the large storm surge (AKA a coastal flood or tsunami-like phenomenon of rising water). To prove the force of this water, a camera in Fort Myers Beach (placed six feet off the ground) captured a video of the strong waves rushing through a neighborhood. Let’s just say, this is not a current you’d want to get caught in! Check it out:

While the state has been preparing for this hurricane for several days, the weather has ramped up in severity in a matter of minutes! Another Twitter user got ahold of a time-lapse video showing the water reaching Sanibel Island. Within 30 minutes, this is how fast the storm rolled in:


We seriously hope everyone stays safe. Most rescue crews have stopped searching for anyone in need of help as shelter warnings have been put in place in the immediate danger zones. We can understand why — these streets look seriously frightening right now. Take a look at more of the storm (below):

There’s still so much more of this hurricane to come, too…

Earlier in the day, President Joe Biden released a statement sending his well wishes to those impacted by the weather and announcing he has approved Governor Ron DeSantis’ request for emergency response assistance — which will be very needed judging by the impact of Ian already! Have a listen to his speech (below).


Our hearts go out to all those who will be impacted by this hurricane. So many houses, cars, and more have already been destroyed. Stay safe out there y’all!

[Image via NBC News/YouTube]

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