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Husband Thinks It’s 1993 After Waking Up From Near-Fatal Motorcycle Accident -- & Renews Vows With Wife Months Later!

Virginia Couple Wakes Up After Scary Motorcycle Accident – & The Husband Thinks It’s 1993! See How Love Prevailed In Their Emotional Story HERE!

If you needed proof love always prevails, look no further.

Husband and wife Andrew Mackenzie and Kristy Mackenzie are a shining example of how love can truly overcome anything — even a near-fatal motorcycle accident which erased YEARS of memories! But we’ll get to that in a moment. The Virginia natives first met all the way back in June 1984 during a camping trip in Harrisonburg when Andrew was 19 and Kristy was 16.

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In an interview with People posted on Thursday, the now 54-year-old wife explained:

“When I met this man, I knew he was the one.”

But things all changed in the flash of an eye 38 years to the MONTH after they first met. Following a Father’s Day bash in Grottoes, Virginia when the couple headed home the afternoon of June 19 on Andrew’s motorcycle, a vehicle ran a stop sign, and according to authorities, crashed into them, launching them 60 feet through the air.

Both suffered severe injuries, with Kristy breaking her back and hip, seven ribs, left scapula, getting a concussion, and some bad shoulder damage. She was transported to a nearby hospital where she luckily did not require surgery. Andrew, on the other hand, suffered a concussion, broke two T-vertebrae in his back, his left pelvis bone, his nose, five ribs, and his left scapula. He was airlifted to UVA University Hospital in Charlottesville, where he underwent emergency surgery for internal bleeding and received two screws in his hip.

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Against all odds, the couple survived… but not without hurdles. When Andrew awoke and the nurse asked him what month and year it was, he thought it was 1993! WHAT?! 29 years of memories gone. But he still remembered his wife!

When Kristy had her breathing tube removed, she immediately requested to be with her husband, noting:

“They said we couldn’t room together and I begged them and begged them. Just sitting and holding his hand was better for both of us.”

Andrew was eventually moved out of the ICU, and their wish of rooming together was granted, and that’s when he began to regain his memory. Kristy revealed:

“Everything seemed to click. I kept telling them, he would be better as long as we were together. I said, ‘If you let us be together, he will get better.’ And that’s when it started coming around.”

Andrew, who was shocked to be alive following the incident, added:

“I never would’ve made it without her. I’ve always said, ‘You’ve got to have a purpose and hope in life.’ And for me, the love of my life is Kristy, but also, I go to work to provide and make things better for our kids and grandkids. I’ve got hope and purpose.”

Through it all, the two somehow found space for their love to grow even larger, with Kristy telling a friend who was present at their 1985 wedding, “When this mess is over I’m marrying this man again.” And so she did! After 11 days in the hospital and another 11 in a rehab facility, the family went on their annual North Carolina Outer Banks vacation in August, with Andrew dropping to his knees during a ocean-side stroll, and popping the question all over again. Two days later, on August 29, the two renewed their vows in front of their daughters and grandchildren, with their son-in-law officiating. Looking back, Kristy recalled:

“It was amazing. Family means everything to us.”

Andrew added, “It was perfect.” After the full circle situation, the two “hope it shows others to love like you mean it, and never give up on love or each other.”

Recounting the start of their relationship for the outlet, it didn’t exactly seem as things were meant to be meeting as teens: Kristy had a boyfriend and Andrew was in the army, where he was stationed in Fort Bragg. However, he would always return to Harrisonburg on the weekends (10 miles from where Kristy lived), and low and behold, a short two months later in August, her previous boyfriend was out of the picture and she and Andrew began their journey of love. The 58-year-old told the outlet:

“She didn’t just melt my knees — it was my whole body. I was done.”

Soon after, the soldier received orders to move to Germany, but couldn’t stand the thought of leaving Kristy as he explained, “There was nobody else for me.” So, he made the next logical step to solidify their relationship and popped the question. Kristy of course said “yes,” noting:

“He didn’t want to leave me, and I didn’t want him to leave me.”

Not even a year after they first met, the two said “I do” on March 31, 1985. Kristy was just a high school junior, so in order to move to Germany with Andrew, she had to take all her year-end exams early and plan to finish out her senior year on a military base overseas. Now, 38 years later, their love is just as strong as when they were teenagers — to the point where their two daughters, Lorelai, 31, and Amanda, 30, wish they’d hold back a little! Kristy told the outlet:

“Our daughters say we’re gross because everywhere we are, I’ll kiss him or he’ll kiss me. We’re holding hands everywhere. I totally melt in his arms. I remember my sister telling me years ago that it’ll wear off.”

Who said it’s just puppy love?

However, she begs to differ, adding, “I can promise” that it hasn’t. Ugh, literally the absolute perfect love story! If two souls were ever made for each other, this is them! See more (below):

WOW, what an absolutely INCREDIBLE story! Someone needs to turn it into a movie ASAP! What are your thoughts on the emotional rollercoaster, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments!

[Images via Kristy Mackenzie/Facebook]

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