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TikTok Star Sienna Mae Denies Sexually Assaulting Hype House’s Jack Wright -- And He Responds

TikTok Star Sienna Mae Denies Sexually Assaulting Hype House’s Jack Wright:

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Sienna Mae, a TikTok star, has been accused of bullying and sexually assaulting her Netflix co-star and (former?) friend Jack Wright. The claims were made by fellow content creator Mason Rizzo on Twitter, and were also shared by James Wright, Jack’s twin brother.

In a since deleted tweet early this week, Mason (inset, above) alleged:

“I struggle with seeing a girl getting praised after telling my best friend to kill himself and sexually assaulting him numerous times after he set boundaries and then repeatedly wonder why ‘he doesn’t like you back.’ she also has a history of verbally abusing people in high school and in LA. she prioritizes the growth of her platform rather than the positive message she represents herself as. followers should not be an excuse to get away with abusive behavior. you guys all deserve to know the truth about her.”

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On Tuesday, 17-year-old Sienna, who is a notable member of popular group Hype House LA, made a statement to E! News via her rep, denying she ever had sex with Jack. They shared:

“Sienna unequivocally denies the charges made by Mason [Rizzo] and amplified by James [Wright], which have since been taken down. She has never sexually assaulted anyone nor have she or Jack ever had sexual relations together. Period.”

The statement continued:

“Jack is part of her extended family and clearly there are issues causing him pain right now in his personal life. She hopes Jack gets the peace of mind he needs to move forward beyond these challenging times, but she is in no way responsible for these issues and is comfortable in the fact that she has been nothing but a good and loyal friend to Jack since they were young.”

Addressing the claims further, the young star — who is set to appear in an upcoming Netflix reality TV show starring other Hype House members including James and Jack — again stated she has “never had sex” with the 17-year-old male model. In an emotional video on Instagram, Sienna added:

“It feels so uncomfortable to have to disclose this part of my life to the internet, especially because I’m a 17-year-old girl. For so long I was strung along and misled by Jack. It’s honestly really embarrassing for me because I gave my entire heart and all of my love for nine months so vulnerably on the internet and everyone can go and look at these videos and see how invested I was in our relationship.”

The social media user claimed Jack only cared about her when he wanted more attention online, suggesting he used her for a “TikTok kiss” and that she “wasn’t important to him.”

Since going their separate ways two weeks ago (after a relationship that was never fully “defined”), Sienna insisted Wright’s friends have acted as if her former “love” and “passion” for Jack was “overwhelming.” The teen described:

“That passion is now newly regarded as possessive or desperate. That is so frustrating to me and after everything that I did for him, after all the love that I gave him, I feel so stupid. That’s the only way I can explain it.”

Jack replied to Sienna on social media, breaking his silence to fans to say:

“While I love sharing my life with all of you, some parts are deeply personal and I have been hesitant to share for my own emotional and mental wellbeing. But I will say this. Sexual assault is a serious matter that has real consequences.”

Whoa. Don’t need to look hard to read between those lines.

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He also explained why he believed Mason and James spoke out about the sexual abuse allegations in the first place, continuing:

“Mason and James’ only intention was to protect me with the truth, and I really value their enormous support through this extremely difficult time. I truly encourage my childhood friend Sienna to get the support and help that she needs. I don’t want to tear anyone down and only with healing for everyone involved.”

The 17-year-olds clearly feel they have their own truths. As far as where things go from here?

All parties involved have deleted their comments on the issue — except for Sienna and Jack’s public statements. The families have reportedly decided to work through the allegations in private. You can watch the starlet’s full statement (below)…

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Sexual abuse allegations are a serious matter, so we truly hope any alleged victims in this case get the justice and help they deserve. Let us know your thoughts on these claims (below).

[Image via Sienna Mae/James Wright/Mason Rizzo/Instagram]

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