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It's International Day Of Happiness! 5 Things That Happened On The Internet Today That Will Result In A Guaranteed Grin!

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It’s International Day Of Happiness, y’all!
So in an effort to create an entirely smiley planet, we’ve gathered a list of the cutest, happiest, most adorable things to hit the internet today – to help facilitate a positively perfect day all around.
Whether you’re grinning from ear-to-ear already, or need a cheesy mid-day pick-me-up…
We’ve totally got your happiness needs filled with the AH-Mazing list (below)!
Click on any of the following videos to get that silly Serotonin up, and enjoy an unlimited day of happiness!
You’ll thank us later…
1. The Wheel Of Fortune guy who guessed a phrase based solely on two letters might be the happiest (and luckiest) man we’ve ever seen on television!

2. This English bull dog puppy rolling down a hill is happiness personified!

3. Emma Stone‘s Spice Girls fangirling moment over Mel B might just make your International Happiness Day the most!

4. This pooch engaging in some illegal bedroom activities while his owner is away will force you to crack a smile!

5. Shirtless male models, kittens, and smolder – need we say more?? Grin hard while watching Cats & Abs!

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Mar 20, 2014 18:45pm PDT