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Ireland Baldwin Declares She Is ‘Done Shaving’ Her Lady Bits After Suffering From BAD Cut!

Ireland Baldwin Declares She Is ‘Done Shaving’ Her Lady Bits After Suffering From Bad Cut!

It is No Shave May — and Maybe Forever! — for Ireland Baldwin!

On Friday, the 26-year-old model took to Instagram to declare that she was over shaving after suffering from a gnarly cut on the most sensitive part of her lady bits — her “devil’s doorbell” as she likes to call it. Ouch!

Along with a picture of herself standing only in black underwear and a white towel wrapped around her head, she wrote:

“After slicing my devil’s doorbell in the shower and watching blood splatter on the shower floor, I am announcing that I am done shaving. Done with hair removal all together.”

She hilariously painted a mental pic for everyone of what the next few weeks of growth would look like, writing:

“Letting cousin IT grow. Rolling with the punches. Braiding that s**t. No more shaving 2022. Too sensitive for laser so don’t even suggest. Leave me alone. I’ve decided coot hair is in. Deal with it.”

Cousin It! OMG!!!

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Good for her! Nothing wrong with having hair on your body! Ch-ch-check out the relatable AF post (below):

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And of course, her followers loved her honesty! Many took to the comments section to react to her declaration, saying:

“Shaving is overrated.”

“With you all the way”

“I’ve decided this YEARS ago. Hell yes!”

“I joined that club a couple of YEARS ago and love the freedom! I no longer shave my underarms too! Who cares? Welcome to the club girlfriend”

“I feel you on this. Struggle is real”

“OMG girl your so awesome you make my day thank you for being you shaving really is overrated there’s a reason we have hair it protects us”

“Now I know why I follow you… you’re hilarious”

“Devils doorbell!! I literally just spat coffee!!”

“I’m obsessed with this, I’m with you!”

As her fans know, Ireland has never been shy about keeping it real on social media about anything and everything over the years, including topics such as mental health or her struggles with body image. Earlier this month, she caught a lot of backlash from haters for getting plastic surgery at a young age — but she refused to stand for it. In an effort to be honest with her followers, Alec Baldwin’s daughter spoke about the decision to undergo the cosmetic procedure FaceTite in order to tackle a “stubborn pocket of fat and extra skin” underneath her chin, saying:

“The reason I had it done was because I had this very stubborn pocket of fat and extra skin under my face. And before you say, ‘Why don’t you just diet and workout and not be a lazy bitch,’ it doesn’t work like that. When I had an array of eating disorders in my life and I was scary skinny, I still had this chin, and it was even more prominent when I was skinnier. As I’ve gained weight and as I’ve aged, it hasn’t gone away at all, it’s only become worse and worse.”

She added at the time:

“I don’t plan on getting anything else done. I am grateful for the body I have and I wouldn’t change anything else about myself. This is something that really, really, really bothered me my whole life and I decided to do something about it. So would you rather I got this done and lied to you all about it, or can we just have a little fun here and stay out of other people’s business?”

Wow! So much love, as always, for Ireland being such an open book with her life!

[Image via Ireland Baldwin/Instagram]

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