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Jaden Smith Claims Mom Jada Pinkett Smith Introduced The Entire Family To Psychedelics!

Jaden Smith Claims Mom Jada Pinkett Smith Introduced The Entire Family To Psychedelics?!

Jaden Smith has his momma to thank for becoming such a vocal proponent of psychedelic drugs!

The eldest child of Independence Day actor Will Smith and famed Red Table Talk host Jada Pinkett Smith appeared this week at the Psychedelic Science Conference in Denver, Colorado. During a chat with attendees at the event in the Mile High City, the actor revealed something a bit unexpected: his mom turned him on to the mind-altering substances!

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When asked about his background in magic mushrooms and other psychedelics, the 24-year-old actor explained how his 51-year-old mother was the one responsible for first really making the push towards use in his family’s realm:

“I think it was my mom, actually, that was really the first one to make that step for the family. It was just her for a really, really long time and then eventually it just trickled and evolved and everybody found it in their own ways.”

The young star went on to explain how the mind-changing drugs have since had a “profound” impact on his connections to 22-year-old sister Willow Smith and 30-year-old half-brother Trey Smith, who is Will’s son from his previous marriage to Sheree Zampino.

The Entergalactic star cryptically explained how brothers and sisters can “argue so much and fight so much” when around each other. However, the use of psychedelic drugs has apparently brought about some serious empathy for the trio as they used them to mend rifts and work on their relationships with each other:

“Siblings can argue so much and fight so much, and lord knows me and my siblings have done so much of that in the past. But the level of love and empathy that I can feel for them inside of the [psychedelic] experiences and outside of the experiences has been something that’s profound and beautiful.”


He went on to rave about how the drugs tend to “open up” his mind and help him see things differently:

“[We] get out of the old ways of thinking that got us into lots of these arguments and open it up so that it just releases and makes room for you to work it out.”

So, there you go? Per USA Today, Jaden did NOT reveal at this week’s conference exactly which kind of psychedelic drugs he or his family typically uses.

For what it’s worth, his momma has previously spoken about using ecstasy. In 2019, on Red Table Talk, she candidly revealed how she has used ecstasy in the past to manage debilitating symptoms related to depression.

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And as for Jaden, he spoke to Mr. Porter Journal late last year specifically about magic mushrooms. While pushing his clothing brand MSFTS in his chat with that outlet, Jaden said at the time:

“I believe that mushrooms are going to help us expand consciousness. The collection is not just clothes to sell. It’s loaded with spiritual experiences and mystical states. We’re just making clothes that can go along with people’s journeys.”

That’s quite a quote. LOLz!

Anyways, what do U think of Jaden’s latest remarks about psychedelics, Perezcious readers?!

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