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Jamie-Lynn Sigler Nearly DIED -- From Surgery Complications!

Jamie-Lynn Sigler Nearly Died From Surgery Complications!

Wow, what a close call — Jamie-Lynn Sigler almost lost her life last year!

During Tuesday’s episode of her MeSsy podcast with Christina Applegate, the Sopranos star opened up about a terrifying brush she had with death after a mystery surgery last year. She talked about living in an ashram in India just before the operation and feeling “so awakened and connected and peaceful” — until she returned to the US, underwent the surgery, and got SEPSIS. Oh no! The 43-year-old recalled:

“Two weeks later, I had a very bad reaction to a surgery and got sepsis and was in the hospital and almost died.”

Holy s**t!

She went on to reveal to Christina she’s “never told anybody” about the frightening time, but that “two weeks after a year ago, right now, I was in a hospital literally, like, this much away from death.”

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That’s absolutely TERRIFYING! And it’s a big part of the reason she sees 2023 as her “year of grieving.” The Big Sky actress, who also suffers from MS, relayed how she allowed herself to “break down and cry” before eventually seeking therapy:

“I had never in my life been more sad, felt more low. But what I learned from India was I had an inability to escape it. I had to sit in it. I would scream in pillows, I would cry to girlfriends … I reached out, I sat by myself, I got a therapist, I did all of these things I had never really done before and went through this process that was absolutely necessary. And I feel like you owe it to yourself to cry and really, really go there. Because how else are you going to have to bring it to the light?”

SO SCARY. We’re so glad she’s okay now! Listen to the full podcast episode (below):

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