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The Very Twisted Reason Jamie Spears Filed To End Britney's Conservatorship: REPORT

Jamie Spears Britney conservatorship plan

Jamie Spears may have changed his stance in his daughter’s ongoing conservatorship battle, but that doesn’t mean he actually stands by it.

As we reported, Britney Spears’ dad did a complete about-face this week when he filed docs requesting the judge end the superstar’s conservatorship altogether — after insisting for years that the legal arrangement is essential for her well-being.

On the surface, this total shift seems like a positive thing. But sources with direct knowledge of the situation told TMZ that Jamie’s heart did not suddenly grow three sizes. On the contrary, this new filing was apparently just a strategic move by Jamie to keep the conservatorship in place, without him taking any of the blame for it!

*Pretends to be shocked*

The insiders told the outlet that Jamie was deeply worried about his daughter’s well-being just one month ago, believing the Grammy winner’s mental health was deteriorating. Moreover, he reportedly felt that Brit’s personal conservator, Jodi Montgomery, was more concerned with protecting her own job than protecting the pop princess, and he 100% believed the conservatorship was necessary for Brit’s survival.

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Jamie allegedly told those close to him:

“She’s never getting out of the conservatorship.”

So then why did Jamie file docs asking the judge to pull the plug on the conservatorship without doing a mental evaluation? According to the sources, he’s simply calling their bluff!

Insiders say Jamie does not believe Britney is able to care for herself without any guidance, as he stated in the latest docs. In fact, he thinks she’s gotten worse! One source dished:

“He knows how mentally ill his daughter is, and has genuinely tried to protect her.”

It’s a masterfully deceitful move, as the source said Jamie doesn’t believe the judge would end the conservatorship without a mental evaluation. He’s also reportedly said behind closed doors that evaluation would only present more evidence to maintain the conservatorship.

This play also puts Britney’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, in a tough situation. Because Rosengart has yet to file a motion to end the conservatorship — something Jamie didn’t fail to mention in the new filing — Rosengart will have to decide whether to agree with Jamie at the September 29th hearing and end the conservatorship or not.

If he pulls this off, Jamie will have found a way to get everything he wants: the conservatorship will stay intact, and #FreeBritney supporters can’t point the finger at him this time.

Jamie apparently doesn’t think his relationship with Britney is unsalvageable either. A source noted:

“Jamie believes Britney will come back to him when things unravel again. She always has before.”


If that’s not a slogan for corrupted patriarchy, we don’t know what is!

Like it or not, it sounds like Britney is still far from free, Pererzcious readers. Thoughts on this?

[Image via Avalon/WENN]

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