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Britney Spears' Aunt Calls Her Brother Jamie 'Barbaric': 'He Caged Her'

Jamie Spears sister speaks out

Jamie Spears’ sister is not holding back!

Now that the Spears patriarch has finally been suspended from his daughter’s conservatorship, we’re closer than ever to getting the full story of what happened to Britney Spears over the last decade-plus. And with a looming investigation into Jamie’s alleged abuse, members of the family’s inner circle are taking sides.

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As it turns out, Jamie’s own sister isn’t taking his. The pop star’s aunt Leigh Anne Wrather spoke with Good Morning Britain about the conservatorship, and she had HARSH words for her half-brother. She stated:

“He’s barbaric. Who gets to do that to someone? She was just manipulated and used. And he wants to say he protected her? No. He caged her! He caged her.”

She added:

“He swooped in at the perfect moment, when she was at her most vulnerable, to take control.”

Yup. Remember, the Stronger singer and her dad were reportedly estranged before the conservatorship, but he seemingly took advantage of her mental health crisis to insinuate himself back into her life.

As for Jamie’s team’s previous claim that the public would “praise” him if they knew what went on behind the scenes of the conservatorship, Leigh Anne scoffed at the notion. She said:

“I don’t think he was the hero. I think that he manipulated the situation and that he has benefited from the situation for over a decade.”

The one person she did stick up for was the singer’s mom Lynne Spears:

“I don’t know what anyone could’ve done. I do know this: I know that if Lynne could’ve done anything, she would’ve.”

Well, since Lynne was part of making the conservatorship happen, and only started advocating for her daughter in court in the last couple years, we think there was probably a tad more she could have done. But it’s too late for that now.

Asked about her niece’s feelings on the subject, Leigh Anne listed the things we’ve all heard from Britney herself:

“She wants out. She wants away from Jamie. She wants to be free. She wants to get married, she wants to have kids.”

She concluded by reaffirming Mathew Rosengart’s current strategy against Jamie:

“I don’t know if he can be prosecuted for anything, but he needs to be held accountable.”

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Innerestingly, Leigh Anne isn’t the only Spears sibling to speak up this week. The Sun obtained a bizarre video of Jamie’s brother Willie Spears addressing the #FreeBritney movement, in which he told the camera:

“I only got one thing to say to all you Britney motherf**kers out there: Watch what you say NOW!”

VERY different from Leigh Anne’s message! It seems like he’s more on Jamie’s side… we guess?

In any case, the legal drama clearly has Spears relatives crawling out of the woodwork. Britney hasn’t been too impressed with her fam recently, but we’re always glad to hear she has support. Still, we’ll follow her lead when it comes to all the people suddenly making statements on her behalf.

[Image via Good Morning Britain/Avalon/WENN]

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