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Here's What Happened When Jana Kramer & Kristin Cavallari Found Out They Were Dating John Mayer At The SAME TIME!

Jana Kramer & Kristin Cavallari Once Found Out They Were Dating John Mayer At The Same Time!

Leave it to Jana Kramer to get involved in some super-juicy dating drama!

The country music crooner isn’t shy about sharing details of her love life with her fans and followers. So it makes perfect sense to learn she dated John Mayer recently. Why not?! Good for her!

Oh, and it also makes twisted sense to us that she did it at the same time as Kristin Cavallari! Uh, oops!!

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This past weekend, the 39-year-old musician held a live show in NYC for her popular podcast Whine Down. During the Saturday event, she had a little question-and-answer sesh with fans in the audience. One of them astutely asked what it was like to date Kristin’s ex-husband Jay Cutler — who Jana memorably (and controversially) got with for a brief period in the fall of 2021.

The I Got The Boy singer used that opening to make a big reveal: she and the Hills alum actually crossed, ummm, swords with a man last year: the Your Body Is A Wonderland crooner!!!

One eyewitness who purportedly attended the show at NYC’s City Winery claimed Kramer confirmed she and the 36-year-old Cavallari both pursued Mayer briefly at the same time last year. When asked about Cavallari in relation to Cutler, the Michigan-born Kramer dished:

“I love Kristin and we actually had great conversations since that whole debacle [with Jay]. It was funny because at the same time [John] Mayer was texting and we were hanging out, they were hanging out too.”


Jana went on to reveal that the MTV alum very quickly found the humor in the two stars’ parallel pursuits of the 45-year-old musician:

“[Kristin] was like, ‘of course we would date the same guy at the same time.’ So we laughed about it and it was, like, a thing.”

And that was that! You know, just two celebs unknowingly dating the same other celeb. Haven’t we all been there?! LOLz!

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Love cracks aside, it sounds like Jana was never super-serious with John. While Kramer didn’t reveal any details about whether Cavallari connected on a deeper level with Mayer, the mom to Jolie, 7, and Jace, 4, did explain to fans that her own chemistry with John was NOT that deep. Jana subtly revealed she dated the hitmaker “last summer,” and added:

“He was great. He was awesome. I think we realized on our first date, ‘No, we’re for other people.'”

Oh! Well that makes it easy then. No wonder they didn’t pursue anything more. And no wonder Cavallari didn’t sweat the cross-up! As for the rest of Jana’s summer, she spent it having “fun,” as she told her assembled fans. She even called it a “hot girl summer.” Which, TBF, should be every summer. Just saying!!

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As for her prior time with the ex-NFL quarterback, Jana used her City Winery chat to briefly explain to fans how Jay was supposedly “pinning” her and Cavallari “against each other.” As Kramer told it to the live audience, the former Denver Broncos star allegedly tried to drive a rift between Jana and Kristin while he pursued the country music artist following his divorce from the reality TV alum:

“He was like, ‘oh yeah, she [Kristin] never liked you,’ and I was like, ‘Oh that’s weird,’ and it became this kind of weird thing.”


But apparently that attempt at pushing the gals apart didn’t (completely) work? Of course, there was a brief period of drama bubbling up, as y’all will no doubt recall. But Jana was complimentary of Kristin during her live show. And the reveal that the two women were apparently able to laugh off their mutual connection to Mayer says a lot about where they stand now. Sucks to suck, Jay!

BTW, it is kind of interesting to hear Kramer out the Uncommon James founder on dating Mayer at all! Back in December of 2020, Kristin went on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show and completely denied ever dating or hooking up with the singer in the past! “I didn’t want to be another notch on his belt,” Kristin quipped to the American Idol host at the time. But clearly something changed between then and 2022. And now, Jana’s out here dishing the goods!!

What about U, Perezcious readers?! Do y’all think it’s a big deal Jana and Kristin got with the same dude — who certainly gets around — at the same time?

Sound OFF with your take on these romantic interplays down in the comments (below)!!

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