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Jax Taylor Really IS Hooking Up With His & Brittany Cartwright's Publicist Amid Separation: REPORT

Jax Taylor Really IS Hooking Up With His & Brittany Cartwright's Publicist Amid Separation: REPORT

Did Jax Taylor cheat on Brittany Cartwright… with their publicist?!? This is getting into Scandoval territory!

Back when The Valley co-stars first announced their separation in February, there was lots of talk that he possibly cheated (again). But at the time, Jax and Brittany were quick to shut that down. And yet the rumors persisted — especially as he was seen in Canada for an event that same month with Tom Schwartz and his apparent publicist Lori Krebs.

At the time, the bar owner sparked backlash after posting a photo looking a little too cozy with Lori (and the pic went viral again last month as the rumors continued). But the speculation was mostly swept under the rug as the husband and wife insisted cheating wasn’t part of the problem. But NOW it seems like there’s been a major shift in the narrative!!

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According to DeuxMoi‘s Deux U podcast on Thursday, Jax supposedly HAS hooked up with Lori!!! They began by reading an old Reddit post from one month ago, which stated:

“Jax is in my city and a friend of mine found out at a bar he was at and went to get the tea. He said he is for sure single. We knew this but he wanted the whole bar to know. He told someone there, ‘yeah, I’m single now, trying not to get hurt. I’m playing it safe.’ Then proceeded to f**k his publicist in the bathroom. He also apparently wanted to have a ‘chiller night’ then walked into the bar and yelled ‘who’s got bag for me?'”

Around this same time, 27 days ago per Reddit, Lori posted a photo kissing Jax on the cheek at dinner, which he reshared — and she referenced the drama by captioning it, “@reddit We love you.” They may have been trolling fans, but it’s still sus behavior! Just look how cozy they’ve been:

Jax Taylor Really IS Hooking Up With His & Brittany Cartwright's Publicist Amid Separation: REPORT
First posted in February… / (c) Jax Taylor/Instagram
Jax Taylor Kiss On Cheek Lori K PR
Reportedly posted almost a month ago / (c) Lori K Public Relations/Instagram

You can see more from their Canada trip HERE.

This week, the gossip blogger finally said these rumors are “true” with their own sources, claiming that this “happened after Brittany moved out.” And there’s more:

“We have found out that it’s true. Basically, Brittany had no idea and when she found out it was true, obviously, she was hurt. Extremely, extremely hurt. Ultimate betrayal from Lori, the publicist.”


As for the timing of things, it would seem all this broke sometime in the last month! Why? Because Brittany and Lori were happily together on April 4, when the PR expert posted photos from behind the scenes at WWHL.

But flash forward to today and Brittany has unfollowed both Lori AND Jax! Uh-oh! The Vanderpump Rules alum is still following his baby momma and alleged mistress, and the publicist is still following them both, too. So, it’s Britt who is cutting ties! Certainly suggests she was betrayed, doesn’t it?! And in that case, we can’t blame her!

After all, she’d been defending Jax amid their breakup and yet he’s supposedly been sneaking around with another woman the WHOLE time?? Even if they only hooked up after she moved out, it’s still shady and s**tty AF! And so much for Jax winning Brittany back! That seems like a lost cause now… if these allegations really are true, at least. Oof.

Reactions?? Are you buying this?? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Jax Taylor/Instagram & Bravo/YouTube]

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