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Viral Video Of Jax Taylor Changing Son's Diaper ON THE BAR At His Restaurant Gets Him Visit From Health Department!

Health Department Visits Jax Taylor's Restaurant After Viral Video Showed Him Changing Son's Diaper On The Bar!

Jax Taylor is in trouble with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health! Why? A viral video back in April seemed to show him changing his 3-year-old son Cruz‘s diaper on the bar at his restaurant!

Of course, Jax has been busy AF with the recent opening of Jax’s Studio City Sports Bar (in addition to being busy AF with his crumbling marriage to Brittany Cartwright). But apparently he tried to multitask too much and caused some serious health violations in the process!

Last month, Jasmine Goode took a video of her co-star on The Valley appearing to change Cruz’s diaper on the bar at the Studio City biz. It wasn’t long before the clip went viral online — and it wasn’t long after that the health department started to receive complaints!

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Screenshots of the video from mid-April are still floating around on social media, some of which you can see (below):

Health Department Visits Jax Taylor's Restaurant After Viral Video Showed Him Changing Son's Diaper On The Bar!
That’s not exactly the ideal place to change a diaper!! / (c) Jasmine Goode/Instagram


And it turns out there were consequences for that incident! According to The US Sun, days after the diaper-changing clip began to go viral, the Department of Public Health popped into Jax’s for a visit. Apparently several people who saw the vid filed official complaints online to get the ball rolling. One particular complainant’s accusation stated:

“Jax Taylor, owner of Jax’s Studio City, was changing baby diapers on top of a bar where food and drinks are served.”

The public health folks swooped into action from there. They sent an official out to do an in-person investigation at the bar. After completing their rounds at Jax’s, that government inspector noted in their report:

“The complaint was not observed. No one in the facility was changing diapers in the bar at the time of the inspection.”

LOLz! Imagine if all investigations were like that. “There was no one being murdered while we were there.” However, the inspector DID have a conversation with the Vanderpump Rules alum about it!! The report went on to note:

“Discussed with owner that employees and customers are not allowed to change baby diapers in the bar counter or on tables. It is the owner’s responsibility to enforce this. Owner demonstrated understanding.”


The health department officially closed their complaint after that, and no further action was taken. Just a warning by the sound of it. But still, that is NOT good press for Jax’s new sports bar. They say all publicity is good publicity, but maybe not the publicity of poopy diapers on the same bar where patrons eat and drink. Ya know?! What do U make of this barroom brouhaha, Perezcious readers?! Sound OFF with your thoughts down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Brittany Cartwright/Instagram/Bravo/YouTube]

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