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Jeffrey Epstein's A-List -- All The Movie Stars & More In The Document Release!

Jeffrey Epstein A-List Movie Stars

OK, we’re going to preface this by once again reminding everyone: the Jeffrey Epstein document release is NOT a list of co-conspirators! Unfortunately we may never get that.

What we’re actually looking at is a bunch of legal documents, depositions, etc, which have been largely public for years — only redacted. Names were replaced with Jane and John Doe to protect reputations. This isn’t because 150 different people were accused of participating in the sex trafficking ring; most names were mentioned in a far less incriminating way. It’s just that at this point any association with Epstein and his circle is sketchy. But we still owe it to all these stars to pay attention to the context with which their names are mentioned. OK, everyone got that?

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Most of the big A-lister names mentioned in the docs are, in fact, in the nature of an Epstein victim clarifying she never met them. For instance…

Cameron Diaz

Matthew Perry dated Cameron Diaz
(c) Stefan Trautmann / WENN

In Johanna Sjöberg‘s deposition, she is asked about meeting various movie stars during her time with Epstein. She says simply that she never met Cameron Diaz. And there you go, Cameron Diaz’s name is in the docs. No allegations or concrete ties to Epstein, but her name is there.

Kevin Spacey

Likewise Sjöberg was asked about Kevin Spacey. And again she denied ever having met him. Whatever Spacey has been accused of, if it ever overlapped with Epstein (which seems unlikely considering the latter only trafficked young women), Johanna never knew about it.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, Bruce Willis

A trio of A-listers are mentioned in a single moment during Sjöberg’s testimony as examples of how Epstein would casually drop big names. She was asked about meeting movie stars, and she clarified:

“I did not meet them, no. When I spoke about them, it was when I was massaging him, and he would get off — he would be on the phone a lot at that time, and one time he said, ‘Oh, that was Leonardo,’ or, ‘That was Cate Blanchett,’ or Bruce Willis. That kind of thing.”

So she was present when Epstein was on the phone with movie stars — or at least, that’s what he claimed. Obviously no one knows if he was even telling the truth or big-timing the poor girl. Also, it’s not entirely clear to us if the names she mentioned were examples or ones she specifically remembered hearing.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson most Startling Claims through the years
(c) David Livingston/WENN

Michael Jackson was a huge star Sjöberg actually did meet. She claimed to have met the late King of Pop once at Epstein’s home in Palm Beach, Florida, while she was working as his assistant.

This has actually been documented before, in the 2020 book Relentless Pursuit. Lawyer Bradley J. Edwards, who represented multiple Epstein victims, noted the association with Jacko, writing:

“For a young woman like Johanna, the fact that there were stars who were friends with Jeffrey and Ghislaine was an attractive bonus of the job. Even the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, had been enough of an Epstein acquaintance to pay him a visit in Palm Beach while Johanna was working there.”

Naomi Campbell

Another name that pops up is supermodel Naomi Campbell. In 2016 Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre said she was sent to have sex with “the owner of a large hotel chain in France around the time of Naomi Campbell’s birthday party.” Sjöberg also mentions Campbell, saying she never met her in person.

Naomi herself has acknowledged having previously hung out in the same circles as Epstein. She said in 2019, after his arrest on sex trafficking charges, that she regretted having socialized with him and found his actions “indefensible.”

She’s got that right. We’ll see if anyone else mentioned decides to release a statement…

[Image via DOJ/MEGA/WENN.]

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