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Jennifer Aniston HATES Social Media & Gets 'Choked Up' That 'There Are No More Movie Stars'!

Jennifer Aniston HATES Social Media & Gets 'Choked Up' That ‘There Are No More Movie Stars’

Jennifer Aniston would like to hit rewind!

During Wednesday’s very revealing Allure interview, in which she opened up about her years-long struggle to get pregnant, Jennifer also got deep about her frustrations with the changing Hollywood landscape and the pressures of social media nowadays. Amid the vulnerable interview, the reporter shared a text message her friend sent her about the Friends alum, reading:

“No one’s ever going to be famous the way she is. That kind of mass-fame phenomenon burning so bright for so long, it’s just not achievable today. She’s like a silent-film star among a generation of TikTok dips**ts.”

LOLz! It’s true though, the Just Go With It star’s been gracing our screens for decades now, and she hasn’t needed to rely on social media or TikTok trends to do it!

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The compliment meant a lot to the Morning Show lead, who gushed:

“Whoa. Oh, that just gave me chills. I’m a little choked up. I feel like it’s dying. There are no more movie stars. There’s no more glamour. Even the Oscar parties used to be so fun.”

Perhaps it’s not just social media but a certain someone’s slap catastrophe that’s helping to ruin those Oscar parties… just saying!

While she might hate the way Hollywood is relying so heavily on the internet, even the actress hasn’t been able to avoid the pressures of creating an online presence. In ​​October 2019, she created an Instagram and arrived with a bang, crashing the app for a brief period of time. Now, she has 40.7 million followers, but the account hasn’t been all fun and games for her.

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In fact, she probably never would have joined the social media platform if not for promoting her haircare company LolaVie:

“I hate social media. I’m not good at it… It’s torture for me. The reason I went on Instagram was to launch this line. Then the pandemic hit and we didn’t launch. So I was just stuck with being on Instagram. It doesn’t come naturally.”

Oof. It’s “torture”?! Maybe she shouldn’t be on it at all! Though looking at her feed, we’d never know she had a hard time posting content!

Interestingly, the Murder Mystery alum believes the continued success of Friends — which aired its last episode in 2004 but has a growing fanbase — is because the show lacks technology! The 53-year-old mused:

“There are people who say that watching Friends has saved them during cancer diagnosis, or so many people with just so much gratitude for a little show. We really loved each other and we took care of each other. I don’t know why it still resonates; there are no iPhones. It’s just people talking to each other. Nobody talks to each other anymore.”

A very interesting perspective! It’s definitely refreshing to see a group of friends engage with each other without relying on texting and Snapchat, that’s for sure! And clearly, this shift has been impacting the Los Angeles native if she’s getting teary about the lack of film stars! Do you agree with her? Is the emergence of influencers destroying the entertainment industry? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN & Jennifer Aniston/Instagram]

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