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Halsey Says She's DONE Doing Press After Allure 'Disrespected' Them By Only Using Female Pronouns

halsey : announces she's done with press after allure disrespected pronouns

Halsey took some time out of new motherhood to lay down the law.

The pop star, who announced the birth of their first child earlier this week, has also been promoting a new project “about the joys and horrors of pregnancy and childbirth.” The concept album and film event If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power drops in late August, and like any working artist, she did a bit of press to promote it. But instead of merely creating anticipation for the exciting new project, the recent Allure magazine cover story became a vehicle for heartache.

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The 26-year-old called out the publication in a series of since-deleted tweets on Wednesday, writing:

“hey @Allure_magazine. First your writer made a focal point in my cover story my pronouns and you guys deliberately disrespected them by not using them in the article.”

The singer announced in March they would be using she/they pronouns, later explaining that while they are happy for people to use either, “the inclusion of ‘they,’ in addition to ‘she,’ feels most authentic to me.” However, when the profile was published on July 13, it only referenced Halsey with the pronouns she/her.

The glaring oversight (considering gender identity was discussed in the article) faced immediate backlash from fans, prompting the outlet to update the story. One day after it was published, on July 14, Allure tweeted:

“We’ve heard your feedback and you’re absolutely right: we messed up. We are adjusting our cover story with Halsey to use both ‘she’ and ‘they’ pronouns.

Unfortunately, the mistakes didn’t stop there. In their own tweets on July 21, the new momma added:

“Then your admin bastardized a quote where I discuss the privilege of being the white child of a black parent + Intentionally used a portion that was the antithesis of the point I was trying to make.”

The Without Me songstress was apparently referencing a promo tweet from Allure’s page (which has also since been deleted), which read:

“Throughout her life, @halsey has struggled with her identity as a white passing Black woman (her mother is white and her father is Black). ‘A lot of people try to write off a lot of my experiences because I present white.'”

Of course, this snippet was missing the context that while they acknowledged the emotional difficulties of presenting as white passing, “none of that would compare to the tears that I would shed for presenting phenotypically Black and the disadvantages and the violence that I would face because of that.”

In the tweets, she went on:

“All of this ironically on the tails of an article where I give your author the intimate admission that I hate doing press because I get exploited and misquoted. Do f–king better…?”

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In the profile, the New Jersey native expressed a reluctance to do interviews, admitting they “don’t translate very well in print,” and observing that articulate women are read “as pretentious.” Sadly, it seems the Allure experience has reinforced Halsey’s negative relationship with the press, as she ended her message with the declaration:

“#NoMorePress goodbye

It’s a bummer to hear that, because Halsey’s thoughtful commentary (and killer photoshoots) is always a welcome treat. But they’ve always been great at reaching out to the fans directly. Plus, no more press just means more time with baby Ender, so we totally support it!

[Image via Halsey/Instagram]

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