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Animal Show Host Allegedly Hired Hitman To Murder Her Husband's New Girlfriend -- Their Au Pair!

Jennifer Emmi Murder For Hire Facebook Animal Lawyer Husband Girlfriend

As a successful animal rights lawyer, the laws Jennifer Emmi had to worry about dealt with zoo conditions and humane livestock treatment. Now it sounds like she’s going to be sweating a jury’s interpretation of what is and isn’t solicitation of murder!

Per multiple local reports from Denver news outlets, the Animal Law Center founder was arrested at the end of last month after an alleged murder-for-hire plot went wrong.

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Emmi, a well known animal rights activist who hosted a show on Facebook, is accused of attempting to pay a man who worked on her land in Evergreen, Colorado to kill her husband’s new girlfriend. According to affidavits, the 43-year-old complained to the ranch hand after finding out her estranged husband was now sleeping with a much younger woman — the au pair they had hired to take care of their children!

But this went beyond venting, as the ranch hand claims Emmi asked him if he knew anyone who could help him “take care” of the girl — and told him no one would miss her if she disappeared. Per the affidavit, the employee chose instead to go to the police with a recorded phone call as evidence. In that call, the two discussed how much the “hit” would cost, finally resting on $100,000. The would-be hitman said he decided to go to the cops when he realized she was serious, saying:

“Jennifer responded that the money would not be a problem.”

He also claimed Emmi was OK with her ex being killed at the same time as his new girl:

“If there was a car accident or something, no one would know.”


After a six month investigation, a warrant was issued for Emmi’s arrest. The mother of three has been charged with one count of solicitation of first-degree murder, along with two counts of retaliating against a witness or victim and three counts of stalking.

Her attorney, Chris Bresee, told local news network KDVR his client was “understandably upset”:

“She finds out that after sacrificing her body and had three beautiful kids that her husband literally traded her in for a much younger girl.”

Well, yes. But should you really be pointing that out if you’re her lawyer?? He also told Denver’s CBS4:

“This is a very serious allegation against Jennifer Emmi. It looked like the model family and all of a sudden her husband trades her in for a younger girl. She was irate.”

Again, are ya TRYING to make the prosecution’s opening argument for them?? Is she just going to plead guilty or something??

Bresee also pointed out, however, that the affidavit clearly states that Emmi had put the hit “on hold,” telling the ranch hand:

“We are not going to do anything.”

Maybe their defense is to say she was just venting after all and not being literal? Hey, if it’s good enough for the president’s impeachment trial, right?

Emmi is being held on a $3 million bond and is due in court February 26. We guess we’ll start to learn more then.

[Image via Jefferson County Sheriffs Office.]

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Feb 09, 2021 17:39pm PDT

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