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Jennifer Lopez's Beauty Line PULLED From Sephora Shelves After 'Collecting Dust' Since Launch! Oof!

Jennifer Lopez’s Beauty Line PULLED From Sephora Shelves

Jennifer Lopez isn’t seeing success in the beauty industry!

After just three years, her brand JLo Beauty is already being pulled from Sephora stores in the United States, according to store associates who spoke to Beauty Independent on Monday. Calls to the retailer’s locations in the NYC area last week confirmed the skincare and body care brand was removed from stores, the outlet noted.

The product line first launched at the retailer in 2021 after securing a brick-and-mortar retail exclusive deal upon launch. But now, it can only be bought on the retailer’s US website and in Sephora stores outside the country. Yikes! That’s a big step backwards!

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To fans, this news won’t come as a shock. Five months ago, a thread on Reddit‘s Sephora subreddit group emerged with a photo of the products in the store (HERE) and the dramatic caption:

“JLO beauty ~literally~ collecting dust.”

Oof! Another critic explained the reason for the poor sales, noting:

“Lmao embarrassing. I don’t trust J. Lo Beauty because I don’t think she actually uses it. I would not trust Beyoncé beauty because I don’t think she actually uses it. The reason we wear FB [Fenty Beauty] and FS [Fenty Skin] is because Rihanna actually uses it and it’s something we can tell she’s genuinely interested in. This is a cash grab to me.”

It seems like they may have nailed the problem on its head. Rachel Roberts Mattox, a beauty brand developer and market strategist, believes the reason this company flopped is because the marketing was all wrong. She suggested:

“The evolving Sephora demographic leans towards younger consumers who tend to be brand agnostic. Their buying behavior is driven more by a brand’s virality on TikTok, efficacy, affordability, branding and playful packaging. JLo Beauty seems to be targeting a slightly older consumer with product strategy, branding and messaging that feels outdated in today’s landscape…If you look at other successful celebrity brands like Rhode or Rare Beauty, they have tapped into the cultural zeitgeist in a way that JLo Beauty hasn’t with cult-worthy, viral products that are safe, fun and feed-worthy.”

But, like, the packaging does look boring AF! Nothing exciting or modern about those products at all!

It doesn’t help that most people assume she’s more likely to have done Botox than seen real beauty improvements thanks to her products! Yeesh! Rebecca Bartlett, founder of a brand strategy agency, SLAMMED the musician for this, adding:

“It isn’t lost on the consumer that JLo’s youthful glow comes from the best dermatologists, doctors, trainers and wellness gurus in the world and not her skincare line.”

LOLz! Good point!

To give the Jenny from the Block singer a little bit of slack, the market is clearly too saturated these days. And that may have caused others to stay away from the industry! According to NielsenIQ, there were 19 celebrity beauty brands launched in 2021 (the same year as J.Lo), but just SIX last year! So, this clearly isn’t as lucrative of a market as it once was for some. There’s just too much competition!

While this is terrible news for the brand, it is still available at Macy’s online and in stores chain-wide, as well as on Amazon, so it has a fighting chance to survive. Not looking good, though. Do you use JLo Beauty?! Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Jennifer Lopez/YouTube]

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