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Jennifer Lopez Alludes To A-Rod Breakup & Ben Affleck Reunion In New Interview: 'Some Things Do Last Forever'

jennifer lopez, ben affleck, alex rodriguez : alludes to both breakup and reunion in new interview

Everything happens for a reason — at least it does if you’re Jennifer Lopez.

None of us expected Jen and Ben Affleck to find their way back to each other nearly two decades after their breakup. Especially not so soon after her split with fiancé Alex Rodriguez. It may have seemed shocking and hasty and even a little scandalous from the outside, but for J.Lo it was all part of the journey she was meant to be on.

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During a recent appearance on Apple Music’s The Ebro Show, J.Lo reacted as host Ebro Darden referenced the constant relationship headlines surrounding the pop idol and asked how she wanted the fans to be “processing” this moment in her life and career.

She chose her words very carefully, responding:

“[At] the end of the day, what you’re watching, I think, when you do watch artists… you watch a life. You watch a life unfold in front of you. And you watch a person really find their way.”

The singer went on:

“And I think for me, where I’m at — how do you process this moment? This moment really was about, for me… not about anybody else, it was about me, realizing I was good on my own. And happiness starts within me. And once I realized that, things happened. Things happen that you don’t expect to ever happen.”

In other words — while we certainly didn’t expect Bennifer to return, Jenny From The Block didn’t either! But she added:

“Once you get good, once you get to the point where you’re like, ‘This is not right for me, or this doesn’t feel good, or I need to make an adjustment here. This is not really about anybody else but me.’ Once you do that, stuff starts falling into place. And I think that’s how you should process this moment, that I feel, again — and it always shows up in the music — like, sometimes you have to change direction, even though that might be painful, or it might seem weird to other people. It’s really just about who you are and what feels right to you.”

Breaking off her A-Rod engagement was definitely a huge change in direction, but apparently her other former fiancé was what feels right to her.

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The Let’s Get Loud artist also acknowledged that people have been returning to her 2002 album, This Is Me… Then, partly because it was written around her first relationship with the Argo director. She recognized that fans were tuning in to “go back and see what this was, and what it is, and what I should be feeling.”

She reflected:

“And honestly that’s the power of music to me. The name of that album was This Is Me… Then. That was a moment. When you go back and you hear that, you hear the purity and the love there. And I think that’s why people responded to the album, they went back and listened and go ‘Oh wait a minute, this was something that was a real moment, a real thing.'”

The 51-year-old shared that it was the album where she “bared [her] soul the most,” and that when it reentered the chart it made her “go back and look at that time” of her life. She explained:

“There was some blues after that, but that was a pure moment in time, of love. And I think that’s why people went back, as, you know, they saw different things happening in my life now and they go, ‘Wow, really?’ And I think it gave people hope, you know? … That some things do last forever.”

Wow. We’re not just talking about music anymore, are we??

Clearly, Jen knows what Bennifer means to the public! It’s no wonder their relationship got so serious so fast, if something really has lasted “forever” between them, even when they were apart. How romantic! Let the nostalgia tour continue!

Ch-ch-check out her full Apple Music interview (below):

[Image via Apega/WENN & Alex Rodriguez/Instagram]

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