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Johnny Depp DID Lie About Finger Injury -- To Protect 'Abuser' Amber Heard, Says Bodyguard!

Johnny Depp Amber Heard Finger Story Lie Bodyguard Testimony

By this point fans of Johnny Depp have heard three different versions of how his finger was injured.

Back in 2015 the public story, the one told on talk shows and such, was that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor had accidentally gotten his middle digit caught in bifold, “accordion” doors. Later Amber Heard said this was a lie in her bombshell Washington Post op-ed, claiming in a drug-fueled rage he cut it while smashing a phone.

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She wrote:

“Scared for my life, I told Johnny, ‘You are hurting me and cutting me.’ Johnny ignored me, continuing to hit me with the back of one closed hand, and slamming a hard plastic phone against a wall with his other until it was smashed into smithereens. While he was smashing the phone, Johnny severely injured his finger, cutting off the tip of it… Once I was able to get away, I barricaded myself in an upstairs bedroom.”

Years later we heard Johnny’s side — that Amber had thrown glass bottles at him, and one shattered on a counter top, sending a large piece slicing through his fingertip.

In court documents last year he recounted:

“While I was in Australia filming a movie approximately one month after I married Ms. Heard, on a day where my then-lawyer tried to discuss with Ms. Heard the need that she sign a post-nuptial agreement with me, she went berserk and began throwing bottles at me. The first bottle sailed past my head and missed, but then she threw a large glass vodka bottle. The bottle struck the marble countertop where my hand was resting and exploded. The projectile’s impact shattered the bone in my finger and entirely severed the tip of my finger. I had to have 3 surgeries to reconstruct my finger and contracted MRSA three times. I feared that I would lose my finger, my arm, and my life.”

So what should we believe? It’s a tough one, though the audio tapes which have come out since have severely hurt Amber’s case — as she not only admits to abusing her then-husband, she also taunts him that no one will believe him. Pretty classic abuser stuff.

Video: Watch Johnny Explain His Injury More In Detailed Deposition

Well, it’s in that same pattern that the new testimony of Johnny’s bodyguard lands.

As the libel trial against The Sun, which called Johnny a “wife-beater” in a headline, continues, Malcolm Connolly took the stand on Tuesday and told the court what he witnessed, per The Guardian.

While the bodyguard wasn’t there, he was immediately afterward — and says the first thing Johnny told him as they headed to the hospital was:

“She’s just cut my finger off.”

Connolly claims he was the one who came up with the folding doors cover story for Johnny, who was lying about it to protect his wife.

When asked why they would concoct a story to protect the alleged abuser, the bodyguard — who had been a prison officer previously — explained he had seen this with abuse victims in prison:

“The usual victim pattern is to protect the abuser for some reason, you know the psychological bullying… they fit the same criteria, they never come forward with the information.”

Connolly said he recognized the signs of bullying in his close view of the couple’s relationship. He went on to state clearly he had never seen Johnny hit Amber, as that would have been the end of his employment:

“I would not tolerate any man striking a woman. No matter who he is. Not even if he is my boss. Not even if he is the pope.”

Yet another weight tipping the scales in Johnny’s favor, it seems.

What do YOU think about this new testimony??

[Image via Cinzia Camela/WENN/Avalon.]

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