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Josh Duggar's Wife & Mother Write Letters To Judge Begging For Leniency -- The Rest Of The Family... Not A Peep...

Josh Duggar Child Porn Worst Video Baby Infant Torture Rape

Josh Duggar has apparently lost support from 19 family members and counting. Well, this kind of support anyway:

While prosecutors are urging the judge to sentence the disgraced star to 20 years in prison for possessing and receiving child pornography, Josh’s wife Anna and mother Michelle are begging for leniency before his sentencing.

However, the rest of the Duggar brood (Josh’s 18 siblings and father Jim Bob) aren’t saying a word!

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In Anna’s letter, she described her husband of 13 years and father of her seven children — who was found guilty of possessing and receiving child pornography on December 9 — as “considerate, respectful, quick to forgive, patient and genuinely the kindest person.” She wrote:

“Joshua has worked hard to provide for me and our (now) seven children. But the happiest part of the day by far is when Daddy comes home from work, and his cheerful voice fills the house. ‘Hey, guys! How’s it going? What did you learn about in school today?’ are usually the conversation starters in between greeting each of our children. Joshua is an engaged dad who gladly throws a football with his sons, listens to our daughters play a new song they have learned on the piano, helps answer homework questions, or lends a hand sweeping up spilled crackers. He is a kind, loving, supportive, and caring father and husband—his primary focus in life. My children and I rely on Joshua for financial, emotional, and physical support. Many others depend on Joshua, too. Joshua is a man who frequently volunteers his time, services, and resources, striving to contribute to our community and people in need.”

This glowing review isn’t surprising, seeing as Anna has apparently made it clear she will never divorce the embattled former TV personality.

She ended her letter by writing:

“Joshua is surrounded by people who will encourage him to continue to become the best man, father, and employer he can be. I ask that you consider reuniting us as a family again soon. I understand the seriousness of this matter, however, I respectfully ask that you take this letter into consideration when determining a fair sentence.”

Michelle, for her part, said in her letter that Josh has a “tender heart” and is “compassionate towards others,” writing:

“Joshua is a loving and patient man, striving to be a blessing and provide for his family! He has also spent quality time with his wife and children learning life skills together and going on family outings. Side by side, Joshua and his family have built forts, learned how to work on bicycles and other vehicles, gone camping, hiking, fished and played countless games and sports – together!”

The mother-of-19 concluded the letter:

“As I look to his return, I stand ready to offer my continued love and encouragement to Joshua and his family and for their success in the future – together! We ask that he would be reunited with his wife and family in a timely manner.”

Others who submitted letters include Anna’s father and family, Duggar neighbors, LaCount Reber, who let Josh stay in his home while on house arrest, a pastor, and more.

But Josh’s father and siblings totally snubbed him. Despite this radio silence, Josh’s legal team claimed he “maintains an extremely close bond with his parents and his siblings,” and begged for just five years behind bars.

What do U think the sentencing will be, Perezcious readers?

[Image via Washington County Sheriff’s Office]

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