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Julianne Hough Lets Husband Brooks Laich Suck On Her Toes For HIS Pleasure -- Not Hers!

Julianne Hough clarifies Brooks Laich's toe sucking comments.

Julianne Hough wants you to know she does NOT enjoy getting her toes sucked, despite her husband’s recent claims suggesting the exact opposite.

As we reported, the Dancing With The Stars alum and her hubby Brooks Laich made headlines after he discussed more of their bedroom proclivities on his podcast How Men Think earlier this week.

During a conversation with sexologist Miss Jaiya — who apparently helped the couple physically reconnect with each other — the ice hockey player revealed:

“My wife really enjoys it when I suck on her toes. True story. Hey, we play around. Why not?”

Well, it’s not toe-tally a “true story,” as it turns out — at least not according to Hough!

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The pro dancer made a point to clear up her husband’s foot fetish claims in a new interview with People. She first acknowledged how amazing it was being in a relationship where both sexual partners were “open” to new experiences, explaining:

“We’re both so open. We never ask each other for permission because that means somebody has power over one another. We just make sure we know we respect each other. Whatever topic he brings up, it’s great.”

But, she had to clear the air on one thing: while Brooks enjoys performing foot-latio on her, Hough apparently doesn’t love being on the receiving end of it.

She added:

“There was definitely something he misquoted on one of his podcast episodes, though. I was like, ‘Let me clear that up.’ He likes to suck on my toes, I don’t like it!”

Huh… we guess Brooks just put his foot in his mouth?

julianne-hough reveals she isn't straight
They’re closer than ever these days. / (c) Julianne Hough/Instagram

During the episode, the athlete — who tied the knot with Hough in 2017 — said he would never ask the 31-year-old dancer to suck on his toes, as they’ve become worn down from his years in the NHL. He added:

“My toes are in skates and workout shoes. I can shower and soap them up, but I would never.”

So, it sounds like Hough allows Brooks to do some toe sucking because he’s really into it — and isn’t that what marriage is all about? A little give and take?

The couple previously opened up about their sex life on the podcast back in July while celebrating their 2-year wedding anniversary. Hough, who appeared on the episode as a guest, credited Miss Jaiya’s online Erotic Blueprint quiz for helping them in the bedroom.

She shared:

“By almost learning each other’s language… it was almost like a menu of how we could please each other sexually, but also intimately. We go to dinner a lot of the time, and dinner for Brooks is great because he’s getting fed, he’s got me there, whatever it might be… Dinner to me means I want eye contact and I would really appreciate you maybe touching my hand at some point.”

We don’t have to ask what dinner for Brooks is. Ha!

Jokes aside, we applaud the pair for being open and honest about what works for them in the bedroom. A sexually fulfilled couple is a happy couple, y’all!

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